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Dodge Brothers Truck Poster

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I just acquired this Dodge Brothers Truck Poster. I was wondering if anyone had seen one before and if so could tell me anything about it. It says that the trucks have been built with 14 years of development. Not sure if that means the poster is from 1928 since Dodge Brothers started in 1914. Thanks in advance!!




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A very nice period poster you have a nice bit of history there.

The Dodge Brothers started in 1914 so your thoughts on 1928 would probably be on the money.

The Graham Brothers started to build trucks in 1919 mostly using Dodge Brothers engines and Gearboxes, moving to a partnership in 1921 using Dodge Brothers engines and Gearboxes exclusively and acting almost as a DB subsidiary but badged and sold as Graham Brothers. Graham Brothes became wholly assimilated into Dodge Brothers by 1925.

(The Dodge Brothers died in 1920.)

An equity company, Dillon Read purchased Dodge Brothers in 1925 and sold it on to Chrysler in 1928 so I would suggest this could be a poster put out before this sale.

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It has 1930 models on there. 


I'm sure this poster was produced anytime after July 1929 to spring of 1930 would be a more correct time frame when you consider the release date of some of the trucks that are listed... the DA124 3/4 tons in particular didn't start production until Aug 15 1929 for D/E built and Sept 1st 1929 for  Stockton built DA124's. 
That's just one example..


The DA124 is the 3/4 ton models you see listed at the top left of the poster. It was made with 4 and 6 cylinder options available. 


Cool poster btw and a great snapshot example of the transition period. 

I'd be a buyer if you ever decide to sell it. 


Notice it says "over forty models" on the poster description. This year (1930 models) there were 42 models...

Really neat poster... I only wish the 983 and 984 buses were listed. Interesting to see Wayne was the builder of the 883 1 ton 140" wb school bus, that's new to me. 


A great quote I found from the general sales manager Charles Matheson should put things into context as he described production at that time:

"A recent survey shows it is possible for us to assemble approximately 2,000 different trucks alone... these are combinations of equipment on varied chassis".


To say there are differences from one truck to the other in the same model lineup of the time period is an understatement and should explain how rare a pre 33 truck really is.


Ever wonder why it's so hard to find the part you need for your truck from the time period ? ...lol 

If you wanted easy, you may think about getting a Ford...



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