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Buying a unusual 65 Mercury


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On 8/24/2020 at 6:02 PM, junkyardjeff said:

Now that it has rear brakes it went a little further in the neighborhood and that o/d trans does not have a synchronized first gear,

When they are working properly, they are not crash boxes.

If you want to understand more about WHY an OD transmission doesn't NEED a synchronized first gear, read this. 


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3 hours ago, 58L-Y8 said:

You'll like 'breezeway' affect when you get it to work.  We had a 1963 Monterey Custom years ago, the ventilation was wonderful with windows down on a 70 degree sunny day and nice with the front vent windows open and rear down to create a draw on rainy days.  

An older neighbor of mine told me a rather hilarious story about driving one down the highway at 70 mph.  The oil drilling crew he worked for was expecting a drill bit to arrive at the trucking depot in the nearest town mid-morning, and his foreman asked him to drive into the town and see if it had arrived.  The foreman told him to take his car, a '63 or '64 Mercury with that Breezeway rear window which was lowered fully.  On the rear seat were a bunch of rolls of survey and topographical maps.  He was driving on the highway, and while driving 70 mph, he rolled down the driver's window to toss out his cigarette. As soon as he lowered the side window, nearly all those maps blew in a steady stream out the back window on him!!



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