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I wasn't gonna do this but,,,,,,,,,It looks so forlorn sitting in the barn lots of racoon poop four flats, filty, Pretty beat up, But when I saw painted on the side ,a three on the tree,a fifth under the seat,I had ta buy it. (1926 Tudor) loose looks like a parade rig to me!! Will haul it home soon if it don't snow then I send some pics. My wife said that "another T" how many old cars are you gonna get!Well, I replied, the barn aint full yet. Going tomorrow to look at a Oil/Pull tractor. I never had one of them so at least she can't say ,,,Another Oil/Pull...........Having a good weekend in Wisconsin <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif" alt="" /> [color:"green"]

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Congratulations Brad!! Sounds like a great find, although I am not sure what is painted on the side?? And where is the three on a tree?? Doesn't sound like any T I know of, always like to see a stick for the ruckstell though, good luck with it, OC

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