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Just wondered if anyone could help correctly ID these doors?


I believe they are early 1950's (maybe to mid-50's) Buick Doors.  No idea if they are 2-door or 4-door, but they are just short of 45" in overall length.


Any help or information would be great.


Thanks - Justin



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I'd say those are Special 45R doors, almost certainly for '53 like Dave said...I just went out and measured the length of mine (which is a '53 Special 2 dr. hardtop), and they were just under 45 inches long.  I know that '52s had a similar door and trim piece, but I don't know if it was identical.  

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The vent windows are different  Also the crease in the doors in question is straight, not slanted like the other picture.

Looks like1950 - 53 doors for a special. 

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Carolina, your car is not a hardtop. Here is a 52 Special hardtop. The chrome is right, the top of the vent window is squared, the crease is straight. Hardtops are different in several ways


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