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1965 Mercury Wiper Vacuum Line Routing

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I need to know how the vacuum lines for the intermittent wiper system are routed.  There are two ports on the delay modulator and three ports on the wiper switch.  The lines on my Colony Park were cut when I got the car.  The shop manual mentions nothing about the intermittent function except how the switch should be operated.  I have been unable to find anything on the web about them except that they were notoriously unreliable.  I found a wiring diagram for the wipers but there is no mention of the vacuum lines.  Anybody have any insights on how to plumb the switch and governor/modulator?  Thank you!

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Oops.  Just now seeing this response.  Thank you, JJ!  I've sent you a private message on the matter.  If we are able to solve this mystery, I'll post the findings so that nobody else has to go through the ordeal.

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Hi, Tom:  Thanks so much for taking the time to respond and provide some references.  Unfortunately, it appears that most of the contributors in the links know even less about the system than I do.  I was able to get some information from Mr. MacPherson with the Horseless Carriage Club museum.  He solved the mystery about which color hoses connect to the two nipples on the controller but I'm still clueless about what hoses connect to the three nipples on the switch.  Anyway, I know the information is out there; I just have to find it.  

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Our local library used to have the AllData books in their reference section. They would have a vacuum hose diagram for your Mercury. I think that they went to the all online system last year and I don't think that their system goes back to 1965.


You could check in the Technical section of this Forum to see if anybody has access to the data from 1965.


I will try a guess as to how the vacuum hoses are connected, if you can tell me how the hoses are connected on the controller and how your windshield washer is operated.


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Thank you for your input.  AllData does not go back to 1965.

I was able to get some information from "Mac" MacPherson, Executive Director of the Automotive Research Library in LaMesa, CA.  I sent an email with my question and he called me back directly to make sure that he understood what I was looking for.  Then he sent a couple of scans that were very helpful.  I would recommend becoming a member of the Research Library not only for the technical support that is available, but also because it's a great resource that supports the hobby.


Between the information that Mac sent me and the notes I took when disassembling the dashboard I was able to figure out how the system is plumbed together.  

  • Black is the source.  It goes on the right hand nipple at the bottom of the switch.
  • Red goes from the the left hand nipple at the bottom of the switch to the nipple on the top of the controller diaphragm that is located under the hood just inboard of the left hood hinge.
  • White goes from the nipple on the bottom of the controller back into the cabin to the nipple that is in the center of the switch

I hope this helps solve the mystery for anybody else who is trying to fix their intermittent wipers on an old Mercury.

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By the way, here is contact information for the Automotive Research Library...


D. A. “Mac” MacPherson
Executive Director, HCFI

Automotive Research Library

Street Address: 8186 Center St, Suite F, La Mesa, CA 91942

Mail Address: PO Box 369, La Mesa, CA 91944-0369

Phone: 619-464-0301

Email: research@hcfi.org

Website: www.hcfi.org


Mr. Mac is a heck of a nice guy, pleasant to converse with, and very knowledgeable.

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Jim, thank for the new resource. I tried to find out membership information, but their website is not responding at this time.


I am glad that your wiper problem has been resolved. That is a nice feature.

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