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1965 Mercury Wiper Vacuum Line Routing

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I need to know how the vacuum lines for the intermittent wiper system are routed.  There are two ports on the delay modulator and three ports on the wiper switch.  The lines on my Colony Park were cut when I got the car.  The shop manual mentions nothing about the intermittent function except how the switch should be operated.  I have been unable to find anything on the web about them except that they were notoriously unreliable.  I found a wiring diagram for the wipers but there is no mention of the vacuum lines.  Anybody have any insights on how to plumb the switch and governor/modulator?  Thank you!

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Oops.  Just now seeing this response.  Thank you, JJ!  I've sent you a private message on the matter.  If we are able to solve this mystery, I'll post the findings so that nobody else has to go through the ordeal.

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