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Found in attic...


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10 minutes ago, The 55er said:

MIght be an aftermarket accessory visor made of tinted plexiglass under the white covering. Does it say anything on the shiny sides between the mounting holes, VISION VISOR maybe?

The panels are aluminum,  center stainless,  ends chrome.  48 inches wide. 

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This looks very much like the one on my 46 Chrysler.

I don't have a good pic but mine has the stamped pattern in stainless and the same center bracket that goes to the windshield center.




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13 hours ago, Daviddetto said:

Is it valuable at all?

Giving the condition I would say not real valuable. $10 or 15 bucks at an auto flea market. Someone building a rat rod or similar project car that does not require the quality of NOS unused parts in perfect condition. Even if someone offered me $5.00 I would take it and be happy it is getting a new home and being re-purposed. Dandy Dave!  

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