Modified Buick 320ci Straight 8 Engine

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I own a 1950 Buick with 320ci Engine. I was always believing that it was equiped with hydraulic lifters.

Now I have found out that my 320ci Straight 8 engine does not have the standard hydraulic lifters. It is running with solid lifters, please see attached pictures.

As I need to change several push rods I do not exactly know if I can follow to the valve lash adjustment regarding the specs of a solid lifter engine like the Buick 40 or 50 series.

Also I have already contacted to ask for pushrods that measures 13.38 to 13.46 inches, but unfortunately they dont have them and even dont know a source to buy such.

What would be a good reason to have the hydraulic lifters changed to solids?

Many thanks for any help!!!







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You may want to give Kanter a call.  I got pushrods for my 263 there, but it was back in 2007, so who knows if they still have them.

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The profile of the cams are different. The ramp is "steeper" that the lifter has to ride on one than the other! Solids cant absorb a quick jolt of a steep ramp on a cam like a hydraulic lifter can. I see you have a broken pushrod which can be the result of trying to switch to solids without the knowledge of the differences in the cams. Just a SWAG (SCIENTIFIC WILD ASS GUESS!)

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