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Read end swap,35 pont.in 35 buick


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I see they are both enclosed drive shafts and I wonder if a 35 Pontiac rear end would fit a 35 Buick and if so would the gear ratio be any lower,the Buick has a 4:33.1 and not sure about the pontiacs.Also the Buick has mech.brakes.The reason I'm asking is a guy has a 35 Pontiac coupe that he might part out close by me.Thanks,Greg.

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In a word, no.


Ignoring the torque tube length for a moment, as I have no idea whether it is similar....


In 1935 and 1936, Pontiac offered 4 gear ratios. They are 4.89 (mountain option), 4.55 (default on 8cyl), 4.44 (default on 6cyl), and 4:11 (plains option). Only the 4.11 is taller and there aren't many in Pontiacs.


The 1935-36 Pontiac uses a Chevrolet rear axle design also used in 35-36 Master and 35-39 1/2 ton trucks. Torque tube length probably varies with year. Because it is 35, the pinion, pinion bearing, and maybe the housing is 1-1/4 years only. The rest is the same.


35 Pontiac transmissions are Chevrolet style transmissions usually, and use a Chevrolet-style torque ball. Some late in 1935 (and all 1936) have Buick Special style transmissions. These have a Pontiac-specific tail and still use a Chevrolet-style torque ball.


Since the Buick torque ball locates the axle front-to-rear and the Chevrolet (Pontiac) does not, some suspension rework would be necessary even if the balls would fit together (and I don't think they would).


If the Pontiac has plains gears (4.11), someone will want them. Most Chevrolets have 4.11 by default though, so the gears are not exactly rare.


I have a real oddball Canadian (Canada only) 36 Chevrolet 1/2 ton axle here with 4.10 in it. I believe it is Buick based. I have a strong suspicion that the gears from it would fit in a 1936 Buick 40, but I can't prove it. 1935 probably not? I don't know. It is currently disassembled. All the parts are here. The gears are nice. It needs bearings. Located in Washington State, 98802.


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