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Pemberthy ball&ball SV33 carburetor

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I am restoring the Pemberthy SV33 ball and ball carburetor for my 1926 Studebaker Big Six, EP, and some parts are in very poor condition, pictures attached. Any suggestion how to find or reproduce such parts? Any SV33 carburetor available for sale? Thanks, JRA








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Hello JRA. I have a Ball & Ball carburetor at eBay currently; only a day or two still listed. Can relist. I am no expert at Pre-war Studebaker parts. Uncertain if a fit so make your own determination. Anyway, thought to bring to your attention. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ball-Ball-Carburetor-1925-Brass-work-of-Art-from-a-Studebaker-Others-xx/254599596454?hash=item3b475189a6:g:JocAAOSwgPhewV-P


Best Regards. . . . .

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