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VIN for registration


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On my 28 BB, the number on the valve cover matches the number that is stamped next to the distributer on the crankcase. (to the left of it and crossways on the engine) Also, the car has a number is stamped on a tag on the firewall and is different than the engine number. It starts 'BB...' etc. This number matches the number stamped on the 'Fedco' anti-theft tag that is on the instrument panel, to the left of the steering. Does anyone know if the frame of the car has a serial number?



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The chassis number, which should match the number on the firewall plate, is stamped on the top of the front crossmember on the passenger side where it joins the siderail just behind the radiator. It is also suppose to be on the frame end at the rear underneath where the bumper mounts to the frame, but I have never taken off a bumper to look.

Steve Pugh

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