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Chrysler 72 being parted out on ebay !!!

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  • Hi all, This advert below is posted in General discussions today. It is also listed for sale on EBAY item 373079686640, with pictures, but I find it very strange that you can list a complete rolling frame on ebay ,and state, let me know what parts you want and they will then be listed again seperately. Does EBAY allow this ??
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  • 1928 Chrysler Type 72 Parting out chassis

1928 Chrysler Type 72 Parting out chassis

By Tex 49, 2 hours ago in Parts For Sale

Tex 49

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1928 Chrysler Type 72 Roadster Parting out. No body parts available. Parts Available include:

Complete frame
Frame cover
Steering wheel
Steering Box
Steering column
Steering mount
Front fenders with mounting brackets (5 out of 10)
Rear fenders with mounting brackets (6 out of 10)
Running boards (2 out of 10)
Stewart Vacuum fuel system
Red Head 6 cylinder Motor (frozen)
Transmission (? out of 10)
Brake hydraulics
Gas tank
Wire wheels
Drive shaft
Everything is rusty, but only a few holes.

Let me know about parts you may need and I will let you know.

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Parting out a car or chassis on ebay is nothing unusual..

It rather a smart way to do it such a thing.  

No more unusual the buying a model train locomotive (or model 25 Maxwell part) and you contact the seller ,what else do you have?"  

The seller tells you and your interested at a price ,so he list that item for you..Often with a "buy it now " and with a heads up that he listed it.

Now why would ebay care? They get a buck.

Put whole bunch of rusty car on ebay with a price and nobody wants it.

State to pick what you like and I'll sell you that part though Ebay..

It's great advertising.And as long as it goes through ebay for their cut..It's fine.

Private sales spun off from a listing is when ebay cares....if they catch you?

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