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1928 Chrysler Type 72 Parting out chassis

Tex 49

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1928 Chrysler Type 72 Roadster Parting out. No body parts available. Parts Available include:

Complete frame
Frame cover
Steering wheel
Steering Box
Steering column
Steering mount
Front fenders with mounting brackets (5 out of 10)
Rear fenders with mounting brackets (6 out of 10)
Running boards (2 out of 10)
Stewart Vacuum fuel system
Red Head 6 cylinder Motor (frozen)
Transmission (? out of 10)
Brake hydraulics
Gas tank
Wire wheels
Drive shaft
Everything is rusty, but only a few holes.

Let me know about parts you may need and I will let you know.

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This is also posted on ebay item 373079686640 under nsxgeezer, with some pictures. I don't know how you can list your item on ebay asking guys to contact you with regards to the item you want, seems strange, check it out.

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Those parts are available. I want to make sure you are aware the the engine is frozen. Also. I am not sure we can pull apart the engine and transmission. How much are you willing to pay for each?

You will need to arrange shipment.



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aunty norm,

It should be fairly easy to find a top iron bracket from something other than a Chrysler that could with a little modification fit, look, and work as perfectly as the original Chrysler piece did.

Even the lowly model T Ford used some brackets very similar to that. The problem with the model T brackets is that Ford did not build all their bodies themselves. There were quite a number of outside body suppliers that provided the bodies, and several different companies that manufactured the top irons for those bodies. So seeing what one or a dozen different bodies had for brackets does not mean one has seen them all. I know I have seen some that were very close to what you show.

The angle of the bolt hole brackets and the twist down the arm mean these brackets had a right and a left. So the question becomes, do you need one like the one in the picture? Or the mirror image of that one?

The model T brackets would be a bit different out on the end where the top sockets fit on. Most brackets from other cars would likely need some alteration. The needed alteration should be easy to do, may require a torch or some minor welding. And it likely will need to be rethreaded if you want an exact match.

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Hi Tex 49, I'm a little late in this game.  Rear fenders for a Model 72 roadster?  If so please send some photos....Thank you.  Leo

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