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help needed

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I have a 35 KC pickup with the frame identical to the one shown in this attached photo (not mine).   The rear crossmember shown supporting the bell housing was missing from my truck, lost when a V8 engine was installed in the 60's. 


I managed to scrape up pieces to make one, but I'm not certain that it is correct.  The trans will hit the floorboard.  Either the trans needs to go down, or the cab needs to go up.  If I raise the cab, it creates alignment issues with other body parts.  


I figure if someone else has the same frame and crossmember configuration, maybe they could provide a measurement.   I'm hoping someone could provide a measurement by placing a straight edge in the underside 'U' of the crossmember and provided the distance from the top of the straight edge to the bottom of the frame rail.


Thanks in advance.


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I have asked in the truck forum, but got similar responses.  This additional photo is from the service manual and my serial number falls in t bgg e range for this style.  I am 100% positive I'm on the right style, just dont have correct dimensions somewhere.  Also including actual partial pictures of my frame and crossmember20150628_160723.thumb.jpg.fb5c3aa755cd65b2a597504d461840de.jpg20200609_203543.thumb.jpg.2fcb7f9ca1dff7c861b786ae70b7f1a7.jpg20150110_171209.thumb.jpg.8336d9f5fb0ccd0c363b9cfc93141443.jpg20150208_151248.thumb.jpg.9e2d87a801e17a705f42813485d141be.jpg

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OK, I just re-read your original post and you need the measurement to the bottom of the frame rail.  Since my cross member is out and the panel is now shoehorned back behind another car, I took measurements from my cross-member that should get you there.  The overall width at the top frame mount is 28-3/8".  With the cross member sitting on a level surface, the top of the center mounting surface is 1-3/4" up.  On the same level, the center line of the top mounting bolt hole to the frame is 7-3/8" up.  If I do the math, that means that the top of the center mounting surface should be 7-3/8" minus 1-3/4" (i.e., 5-5/8") below the center line of the top mounting hole in the frame.

Hope this helps, you should probably check my math as that is not my strong suit.  Pictures attached.  My KCL is a late '34, suicide doors but past the change to the round gauges but not yet an early '35 (although nobody really knows for sure on these things as they were not a closely tracked as the cars).  If all the pictures don't fit I will send them in another post.  SMB







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I just checked my measurements.     from the center of the top bolt of the crossmember to the bottom of the frame is 3-1/2", and from the bottom edge of the crossmember to the the bottom of the frame is 3-1/2" for a total of 7"... based on your measurement, I am 3/8" too high in the frame.     To fix easy, I will cut the end plates off and create new ones to allow me to lower the crossmember.



thanks much.. this will give me the clearance I need where the top of the trans is up too high where the metal floor plate mounts to the wood floor board.

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