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Here's the deal... a good friend recently purchased one late 1920's and two early 1930's Peerless Motor Cars - a boat tail roadster and two sedans in the back of a warehouse in Berkeley, CA. These vehicles were restored a number of years back and came with a parts lot. Couldn't let this lot go to the scrap heap so I'm hoping there's at least a couple people out there that could become the custodians of these parts. 


Figured any Peerless aficionados could be found here at AACA.  

The following parts are included in this offer (as well as a few we might have missed - you're going to get them all): 

(1) Straight Six Engine (Long Block) 8U-6703 data plate 
Incl. intake/exhaust manifold / rear mount (bell housing?) / flywheel    
Appears to be correct for a Model 80 (Second Series) 

(1) Straight Eight Engine (Long Block) -missing data plate 
Incl. harmonic balancer / 4 24 31 (date?) casting on block  

(1) Straight Eight Engine (Block) 13K-1159 data plate 
5 28 30 (date?) casting on block / no head 
Appears to be correct for a Model B (Master Series) 

(1) Straight Eight Engine (Block) 15K-3004Z data plate 
6 5 31 (date?) casting on block  
Incl. intake/exhaust manifold 

(2) transmissions (1 larger one, 1 smaller box possibly early or 6 cyl. box?) 
(2) eight cylinder crankshafts  
(2) oil pans (8 cyl. - rusty pin holes) 
(2) oil pan baffles (8 cyl. - rusty but solid) 
(2) head gaskets (8 cyl. - decent cond.) 
(1) seven-lug rear end  
(1) seven lug front beam 
(1) steering column/box 
(2) intake/exhaust manifold setups 
(2) side mount wheel covers 
(1) driveshaft 
(2) 8 cyl. flywheels 
(6) 19" wire wheels 
(2) starters 
(2) generators 
(2) pedal assemblies 
(2) fans 
(1) fuel pump 
Set of 8 cyl. rods  
Some Valves 
(2) distributors (rusty)
(1) carb (for parts) 
(3 or 4) wrenches 
Orig. wrenches 
Main bearing caps 
(2) water necks 
set of trunk spears 
(1) steering wheel 
(1) dash  
Other ancillary parts including brackets, various gears, etc. 

You get it all. This was all recently excavated from a warehouse and most of it is rusty and dirty. 

The engines look to be good cores.  

Contact me for more pictures. 

The parts are palletized for shipping.  

We are open to offers but are looking to sell the entire lot rather than piece by piece. 


Email me and I'm happy to send pics, unfortunately I can only post one photo here due to it's size.


John in California

(510) 684-7525



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