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Early 1930 pickup using 1929 body, fenders, etc?

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There is a posting on the AACA General Discussion forum about Model A reproduction parts, and someone has posted photos of their "early 1930 pickup with a 1929 body."   I'm wondering if there is more information about these vehicles.  The Ford actually produce some early 1930s using 1929 bodies?   Could it just be a left over late 29 that wasn't sold or registered until 1930?   Would love to know more.


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When Ford came out with their new styling in late 29 they kept building commercial vehicles with the old (29) styling until May or so. The main way to tell a 30 with 29 styling from a true 29 is by the gas cap. If it is screw threaded it's a 29. If it has the press and turn it is a 30. 

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You may be referring to my 1930 pickup I just recently acquired.  A Model A pickup expert on the Ford Barn chimed in and confirmed mine is an early 1930, with the 29 cab.  VIN is from April.  Here is what he said when I was in the purchase process:


looks like an early '30.
'29 style cab, hood & radiator; 1930 wheels, bumpers and headlights.
gas & radiator cap are 29 style.
get ahold of a copy of the judging standards for more guidance.
engine # on title will help figure it out too.


Let's set the record stright.

This Closed Cab Pickup is a bonified 1930 Closed Cab Pickup with the ORIGINAL gas tank which has the 1930 style twist-on gas cap (not screw-on) and other approprate items refelecting the early 1930 era of commercial vehicles. This body style went thru May 1930 when the new version of the Closed Cab was released by Ford.

It was originally bought new (more than likely at the Thomas "Ford" Dealership in Walla Walla, Wa) and owned by my fathers first cousin who used the pickup up to about 1962-1964 on his dryland wheat farm just 2 miles up river from our farm on the Touchet River, west of Walla Walla, WA. I remember this pickup sitting in his barn for many years after that till my brother bought it about 1977 or there abouts.

It was then sold it to a guy in Walla Walla, WA about 1994.

After the restoration, it sat in this guys shed for many years after...he hardly drove it.

It was then sold to the new owner about 2019.

Case closed.





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