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I saw this in WI last Friday. Car is located in West Salem/Lacrosse area. 74 Mercury Marquis; 19K miles; didn’t ask the owner what engine it had. Car looks to be in new or near condition. Was stored in an aircraft hangar long term, there was a minor mishap with the RF fender as can be seen in the pic. Underside of this car looks new, I’m not sure if it’s ever been driven in rain. Original tires still on it. He’s asking under $10K. PM me for his phone number.









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Posted (edited)

Mark, since the seller listed his phone number on the sign,

and the car is along the roadway for thousands of passers-by

to see, it's public enough to post here if you want.


So many interesting cars being listed on our forum lately!

If only I had the ability to add a couple more to the collection!

Thanks for sharing your find.

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Hi John,


His phone was not on the sign. Just mileage, and a few other things about the car. He doesn’t have it advertised anywhere else right now. I got his number so I could post it here. The condition of this car is what it might look like a few weeks after new car delivery. I was surprised by this one, and like most of us, I’ve seen a million cars. With minor repair on the RF fender, this one would be an HPOF winner. IMO....


I would post it but I don’t want scammers calling him.



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