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How To Remove This Part

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I am trying to figure out how to remove this Heat Riser from the exhaust manifold on a v12.  I have heated the studs and the manifold but that never helped.  The last thing I want to do is crack the manifold.






Accepting all suggestions.



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Soak it in marvel oil. Lever it off. Tap a wedge in gap both sides, leave overnight. [Looks like there are 2  little pins to knock out of shaft if you need to take flap shaft out.  Flap  would be seized on too.]   When I bought the 38 conv. back in 96 it had one of those and it had an annoying rattle so I removed it completely and bolted the exhaust cross over pipe up tightly to the manifold flange. No rattles, no leaks, you don't actually need it. I may have fitted a 3/8"  spacer plate with  hole in there.  

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I would take a metal saw like a SawzAll and cut away the center section which appears to be cracked leaving the studs.  And if you can also cut around the studs to remove as much material as possible leaving only the rusted studs in the manifold.  Then it's going to take heating of the old studs to get them out.  If you still have issues a good machine shop can do it for you.  

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Soak the parts in a 50/50 solution of acetone and transmission oil for a few days and the heat riser should come off, by using wedges as Shortop Conv suggested. You can also try soaking it in Evaporust to remove the heat riser.


The studs are a different story. The best solution that I have used on studs is to weld a nut onto the stud, let it cool and then try to remove the stud. Usually the heat from welding will break the rust bond.

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Shortop Conv

.Just so happens last week I had bought two bottles of Marvel Oil last week. I will give it a try.



I have never hear of this of this saw and will head out to the big box stores to see if the have one.



If the Marvel Oil doesn't work I will give 50/50  solution.


I will let you  guy  know which one worked.




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Cut it , saw it what ever-- either eliminate it or get a repro----that is garbage--- the device 

is for winter / cold weather performance, it heats carb , mixture, carb icing etc....it literally blocks exhaust

forcing it to travel up into intake chamber (which if you remove intake you will see some ports carboned up

maybe even plugged........i left mine on, but removed the flapper...I drive all kinds of weather without issue..

if you eliminate it , you will need different studs  to hold pipe up tight.


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I had it soak in Marvel oil for 3 days and was still unable to remove it. The Manifold is not cracked.


Ray500, Mssr. Bwatoe

I am going to attempt to cut the valve off. After that I will try what 19tom40 has suggested to remove the studs.



the Manifold is ok.


Have been having a back problem lately and will let you guys know how I worked out.


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I decided to use a torch and cut the Riser off around the studs and it worked. I then heated up the studs and was able to remove them with my Easy Out Tool


Thanks for all the suggestions


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