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1979 or 1980 Riviera


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If you own or had a '79 or '80 Riv, I'm interested in learning about common issues or things to consider based your experience that you can provide a potential buyer.


Any common issues with the Olds 350 or TH325 FWD setup?


Do you recommend repairing inoperative Level Ride Control or replacing it with good shocks/dampers?


Does the optional rear disc brake system have issues?


Having owned and repaired two 70s era Caddys recently, I'm not a fan of the period Auto Climate Control but would like to know your experience if your Riv was so equipped.


Thank you for any relevant info.



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Back in the day owned a 79 s type that came with the olds 350. I invested in a 3.8 turbo charged motor and out it on a stand. Waited for the olds engine to fade.  It never did. Solid and high miles recommend it highly

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