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Good morning all. I am Bob and i reside in central New jersey. I am brand new to International vehicles , but have been in the car game a long time. Most of my vehicles are chevys ranging from squarebody pick ups to a 66 vGMC van and a 71 Monte carlo. My wife , bless her heart, is a Ford girl and she owns a 66 mustang hardtop couple that i built for her as a wedding gift.  Ive done several cars of late for myself and  I told her that she would get to choose the next build and ultimately it would be hers. Her reply was she wanted to do a 1950s style truck but do more of a resto mod on it. After scouring  the classifieds for a few weeks, I found a 1953 International  pickup that was at one time a barn find. Over all its not in bad shape with minimal rust ( a real treasure up here in the rust belt) and it even had a title to go with it.

Long story short, the plans as of this moment is to  put it on a chevy  S10 or C10 chassis. Ideally id like to have a four link rear, some kind of SBC motor and an automatic transmission. Other things we need to do are power steering and brakes and im probably going to try and rig up some kind of air conditioning..

My question to begin with  is has anyone here done this before and can you give me some advice as to the easiest way to go about this. Which is a better choice, a c10 shortbed frame or the S 10 longbed frame? and finally do you have pictures of the mounts made for this swap? Thank You in advance for the help




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Hello Rusty. Nice find. Those old Internationals are a real workhorse type truck and were built to last. I am afraid you will not find many answers to your questions here. AACA and its forum is dedicated to preserving vehicles to as near to original as possible.  So I do not see many people here having the knowledge on modernizing your truck.  Some of the forums that cover coustomization may be a better place for that info. Nothing wrong with your plan. It is just not what most here do with vehicles. And someone here may come in with ideas. There are people on here that do both preservation and some custom work. Keep us informed on your progress. 

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