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The cars exported to Australia and NewZealand continued to be fitted with magnetos up to 1925 due to the perception of weak battery quality and low poulation density in rural areas.

The information you need Dave is included in the Eisemann booklet, here is the relevant excerpt from that booklet.





I hope this of assistance.

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Thankyou for your replies & help on this. I was told that this magneto is correct for this vehicle as it was imported to Australia. Thankyou also for the diagrams. The problem I have is the magneto is in a box & not fitted to  the engine & when I dummy fit it to see how it may connect it looks like there may be a joining coupler missing that connects the magneto to the water pump shaft? If so can anyone tell me where I can purchase one along with bolts & info [diagram of how it connects ] etc. I would also like to purchase some spark plugs & wire leeds. I live in Western Australia & would appreciate any assistance,


Dave WA

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Hi Dave,

I am in Adelaide.

Myers Early Dodge in the USA have all that you need. Just google their web site.




Easy to mount, the plate is a right angle, bolts to the block with a platform for the magneto. The flexible coupling bolts to the two hole plate on the magneto drive and the same on the water pump shaft. 





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Hi Trimacar,

No apologies necessary, if only we all knew everything. I still have a long way to go.

The differences between the USA built cars and the Australian built cars are quite numerous so we will never get them all documented but it does keep the conversation going. 😊

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