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New 1937 Dodge D7 Question

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I live in Ontario, Canada and I just brought home a new 1937 Dodge D7 4 door sedan

It had a frame off restoration done in the 70's

I am the 3rd owner


Question 1)  Is the D7 just a D5 but made in Canada?

                 2)  Other than in the amp meter are there any fused circuits in this car


Head lights don't work, interior dash and reading lights don't work

front and rear running lights do work

regulator was replaced recently



1937 dodge 4.jpg

1937 dodge 1.jpg

1937 dodge 3.jpg

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Nice looking car. Most of these old cars have had work done to the wiring over the years and not all of it necessarily done by professionals. Best bet would be to get your hands on a wiring schematic and start tracing down the wires to see where the problem is. 

Good luck and enjoy the new (old) car. 

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There's only one fuse in this era mounted, on the ammeter as you've found. At some point a fusible cutout was introduced on the lighting switch,  it's function was to break the circuitry if a short occurred and then reset. Might be a good place to start. 

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I have a 38 Dodge and there is a fuse that handles the head lights on the drivers side just above the kick board. Basically mounted to the inside of the panel between the hood and the door. Yours may be the same?


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Welcome to the forum.

Your D7 is a Canadian only car. Serial numbers  run 9469961-9478110 for a total production of 8150 - all body styles inclusive. Engine is 201.3 cu.in. so not the same as the D5 which used a 217.8 cu.in engine. This car was built on the same wheelbase as the '37 Plymouth at 113 in. so likely from the firewall back the body shared a lot of parts with the Plymouth. The D5 was on a 115 in. wheelbase. The front clip is Dodge - this is something Chrysler Canada did to make a lower priced model for the Canadian market and continued to do at least into the late '50s. So in looking for parts, while some parts are universal across D5, D6 and D7, engine parts and some others may not be.

It is great that the car appears to be in decent shape. Best of luck with your new toy.

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One thing to try first, before anything else, is to check for continuity across the terminals on the floor mounted high beam switch. The contacts within often get corroded just from sitting and lack of use. If you can get any contact cleaner into the switch through openings on the outside, that will be helpful. Otherwise you may have to open the switch up by prying the little tabs up. I have gotten them to work in the past by simply operating them repeatedly, over and over again. This seems to clean up the contacts well enough. I have run into this problem on other make cars, as well.

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