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As I no longer am working on carburetors, I am going through my personal collection of carburetor literature, and placing it for sale on my website. Currently, I am working with Carter literature. I have pulled my collection of Carter ->car make / car make->Carter interchanges, as well as virtually a complete collection of the Carter Performance Manuals.


The interchanges will allow one to look up a Carter carburetor or part and then find the corresponding car make (i.e. Buick) part number for the carburetor or part. Conversely, one could look up a carburetor or part in the car make (i.e. Chevrolet) parts manual, and then find the corresponding Carter carburetor or part number. These interchanges are quite scarce, some I have only found the one in 50 years of collecting carburetor literature. These may be found at:


Carter carburetor and parts interchanges


The Carter Performance catalogs list Competition and high performance street carburetors, as well as excellent sections on original calibrations for Carter carburetors (jets, metering rods, etc.). Some of the manuals also include service procedures for the competition carburetors. These instructions were never published in the standard Carter loose-leaf Master catalogs. These may be found at:


Carter Performance Catalogs


ALL items are priced on the website, with a minimal description. To discuss exact contents of any, please call during normal telephone hours (see signature).


Other items from my personal collection will be listed as time permits. Unless specific requests for other brands are requested, I will continue to work with the Carter literature.



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