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1966 Rear Circulaire Panel Removal

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The vent panel behind the rear window has some pitting between the panel and glass that needs to be addressed.  I know this is a fairly common problem so before I start tearing things apart I thought I’d seek some experience. Anyone have some words of wisdom on disassemble, drain lines, vent and reassembling?  Thanks for any input.  Barry 

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It sounds like you are referring to the exterior vent cowl panel? If so the bottom stainless trim will need removed. Not sure going from memory but it might require removing the side pieces first if they overlap the bottom piece attached to the vent cowl. Use caution not to kink the stainless trim. Need the special trim tool to release the clips. There are 5 screws across the rear most cowl easily visible and accessible with the trunk lid open. There are 5 more screws in the window pinch weld visible with the trim removed. These may be rusty. The openings for these screws are open slotted in the cowl so they do not need to come the whole way out, just loosened so the cowl will slide out. 

Depending on the severity of corrosion you find when removing the trim you might want to consider removing and re-sealing the rear glass. If the seal is original and has not been replaced I guarantee it will leak water. You'll just have to evaluate once you get the cowl off and go from there. 

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Some times the upper screws on the vent filler panel are near, or almost hidden under the rear glass, and not accessible.

When the trim piece(s) are off, there should be two 1/4" rubber spacers either side, between the bottom edge of the glass and the panel to position the rear glass when it was installed.

The upper holes in the vent filler panel are slotted to help in removal and installation, those screws only need to be loosened off, and not removed. 

If the upper screws are underneath the rear window glass,  you will need to remove and reseal the rear window glass.

Which is a good idea if the  seal is original, as Jason stated.

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