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Help with Essex items found?

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Good evening,


I was going through some of my father's items and found a few things that I don't know much about and was wondering if they are worth keeping and would be of interest to anyone....


Parts List for an Essex Super-Six The Challenger book, dated March 1929 (great condition)

Instruction Book for an Essex Super-Six, dated January 1929 (also great condition)


I have attached a photo of them, but the lighting is off and they are really one color...


Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.



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I think someone with a '29 Essex would probably love to have both of these.  You've done right by listing them here at the AACA web forum.


You may also want to list them at the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club's Open Forum (registration requires merely your e-mail address and a password).  You might want to offer both of them for a single price, plus shipping (maybe $10 or $20), and add "or best offer". Or, if you are intending to offer them for free, you could at least ask for someone to reimburse you for shipping charges.  Here is the link:  https://forum.hetclub.org/

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