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Thumbs UP for Slick 50 Transmission Treatment!


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Just wanted to post my transmission has been shifting a little hard and whinning a little longer when changing gears. Not anymore! I bought a little 10.00 bottle of Slick 50 Transmission Treatment and I tell ya that stuff really works! It made a difference! Much smoother gears shifting! Anyone else try this?

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I have heard great things about Trans-X here and other forums. I have no personal experience with either product.


Trans-X® Automatic Transmission Stop Leak And Tune-Up

STOCK #402032; #402033

Their pomotional words:

Guaranteed to stop any transmission or power steering leak and to restore smooth operation or your money back.

Ideal prerventative maintenance tool when added to transmission fluid every 25,000 miles and each time fluid and filter are changed.

Cleans gum and varnish from transmission parts, restoring smooth operation.

Cures common causes of transmission malfunction.

I believe that this is a good product and have added it to THE BEST OF PARTS ETC . . .

Any other additions?

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Was a pint down & have a bit of a seep (1 pt/4,000 milesish) so thought I would try the Trans-X. Dunno about results but thought I'd mention that they recommend one pint (16 oz) for every 5 quarts in the trans. Reatta holds 10.5 qts. 16 oz bottle (as illustrated on yahoo link above) at Pep Boyz was $5.49. 32 oz plastic "oil type" bottle was $6.99. Did I miss something there ? See the web site.

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Guest Reatta1

Don't know anything about Slick 50 but I can attest to the benefit of TransX. Years ago the '400' in my convertible started acting up. Had around 170/180k on it. The tranny shop suggested a can of TransX before R&R. Dumped in a can and within 20 miles was back to normal. At around 300k I started restoration project. First rebuilds were engine and tranny. Shop said tranny didn't look any where near having that many miles on it. smile.gifgrin.gif

ps: Cylinders in engine were less than ten thousandths out. Always used Valvolene in it.

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Guest Geoff Meador

Sorry for dredging up an old thread, but I wanted to share these same thoughts.

I added a pint of the Slick 50 "Over 50,000 miles" tranny additive last week (since I tend to lose a pint over the course of a few months, I was already low) and the difference was almost instant.

I won't know about the effectiveness of its "leak stopper" component until the next lube job, but the performance of the tranny came back very quickly. Thumbs up from me.

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