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WTB - 58 Century 2-dr driver side door panel - partially resolved!


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Though I'd throw it out there to see if anyone has leads on a donor car.  Or has one of these.  Almost any condition really, what I need need is the metal trim pieces and the integrated arm rest shell.  I've already got scripts.  It's for a convertible but 2-dr hardtop will work.  Mine is just "missing".

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Well, I'll still pick one up if I can find it.  However I found panels from a Century 4-dr on ebay that I believe can be worked.  Integrated arm rest shell looks the same on the front, and the stainless trim is the same except shorter to reach the front and rear edges of the panel.  So I can use some extensions borrowed from the rear panel to finish it.  There will be a splice or two.  Better than nothing.  Future work anyway.

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Hi Mark

I have a 58 Century two door hardtop that has those pieces, but I would like to sell it complete. It is a complete car that needs to be restored and is untouched original. If you need other pieces, it may be worth having it. I always try to have two cars of the same model to compare while restoring the one. 


I just assembled the door panels on a 58 Century Convertible. I had SMS make the panels and I installed the stainless trim. The panels came out great. 


By any chance do you have the front kick panels from the convertible? If so can I get a picture of it. 

Thank You







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Those panels look beautiful.  I haven't contacted SMS about my interior yet because I haven't decided whether to keep the original paint Reef Coral (pink) with black and white two tone interor.


If I may ask, what did you have to send them to get them going on the door panels?  I don't think I have enough left to even make up the boards.


This car came in very rough shape and I don't have any kick panels unfortunately.  Or trunk cardboards.


I would love to have the Century 66R to reference, but I would not want to steal any parts from it since it's complete.  Plus I don't need another Buick right now!  I need to get mine back together.

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