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39-40 Buick voltage regulator identification

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After a 10 year restoration a friend is going to start up his 39 Buick 40 series. My concern is he might have a 40 Buick voltage regulator rather than a 38-39. As I understand it the part number is 309 which does not coincide with any reference numbers I have.  How a person can identify  a 38-39 from a 40-47 Buick voltage regulator by looking at them ?  




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How many relays inside?


Regulator all series

1939:  5858

1940:  1118201


Generator 40 series

1939:  1101052

1940:  1102662 w/4.4 axle

1940:  1102663 w/3.9 axle


With pictures maybe I could guess. The trouble is, regulators of a given "type" look all the same no matter what they are for.


If I remember correctly, 1939 was still a 3rd brush split field generator with a 2-unit regulator, and 1940 was a 2 brush with a 3-unit regulator.


Some old pics of a 5858 (1939) from Ebay:








and 1118201 (1940):






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