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1931 Plymouth Convertible coupe "Container Find"

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14 hours ago, 31Jalopy said:

great ! that is  the seat back. I have a wood shop and can build this  for the seat.  do you have dimensions for these parts  looks like 2X material strong construction is nice.  It looks like you had someone make the iron brackets. How did you know all of this? Did you have the original pieces? The bottom must be just the springs and cushioning over that wood platform. I have the springs. How did you get the bends in the seat back?  Thanks for everything . It makes working on this less stressful.

Sorry do not have any measurements of the seat frames. You will have to make them suit your car. Luckily I had the metal pieces for the seat, the hinges are from the hardware shop. I did not have any wood to make patterns from for ANYTHING on my car. All the wood was rotted away [read eaten by termites] I  did a lot of research and found other guys that had the same car as me. They graciously let me measure things and take lots of pictures and video of their cars. Also I made my own patterns/ templates from plywood or any rubbish wood I could find and mocked up each part of the wooden frame when I was happy I then used my templates to cut out the pieces from Oak. I spent about 12months on just the wood work. First 2 pictures are original wood that I copied my seat frames from. Look closely in second picture you will see a small 6" ruler.b50.thumb.JPG.d20cdc1d734a8b68a3dd17ed2934548e.JPG Next 2 are my nearly finished frame and the last is what I started with. Good luck with your project. BTW my car had a locally built body [Holden]  here in Australia. These pictures are just to give you a idea of what wooden framed cars look like without the metal panels, yours will likely be different. Cheers Markb52.thumb.JPG.cbc13b3377a8f32d935d4495e9e09ba7.JPGa0131.thumb.JPG.d23f59250931e814c77463bf4d544655.JPGa0123.thumb.JPG.e6fc3f0d1eaf081bcc5cd4449a678d1e.JPGa0002.thumb.jpg.87c7491784b0f84ac1837145de1d8355.jpg

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Your work and replies have been extremely kind . Thank you!  I will be looking at other cars as well but I have a good idea how to build this seat framing now. The rest of the wood on the car is fairly decent. Keep in touch. Are you using the original four cylinder engine? 

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