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Misc. Parts, 1920's Chrysler?

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I was told these were from a 1926 Chrysler. There's an oil tank, a clutch fork, a generator back plate, a thermostat, and some sort of bracket. Anyone recognize any of these things?





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The bracket top right on the second picture is for Chrysler external contracting brakes, but they do come in two sizes. The oil filter may have been used on a 1928 or later, but may not be a original Chrysler part. The genny end plate is not 1926 Chrysler, maybe for later years, but it may fit other cars. Clutch fork is not Chrysler or mopar from the 20's  and the other strange part in picture 2 I don't recognize.

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Oil filters like the one shown were installed on 1926 Chryslers from the factory. See data from 1926 Model 60.

The funny item in picture 2 is an old fashion thermostat.


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