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1927/28 or 29 Diamond T

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Looking for literature for my Diamond T truck model 302.. 1927/28 or 29 year..  I haven't confirmed yet what year it is.. The title says 1927 (chassis number which is the vin says 43082)..  Type of motor is the Hercules WXB...   motor NO; 151792 ....  




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I believe that the Diamond T model 302 wasn't introduced until 1928. According to the Branham Automobile Reference book, 1928 model 302 serial numbers range from 4301 to 42976.   1929 Model 302 serial numbers range from 42976 to 44371. It looks like your truck was built in 1929.

You have a very nice Diamond T.  It appears to be in very good shape. It's nice to see an old truck in original condition.

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Hello Frank (or anyone out there),

I'm hoping you can help me.   I am reassembling my fathers 1928 Diamond T with what sounds like the same serial number range 153_ _ _ and Hercules WXB engine.    The problem is, I'm missing the distributor.   Having a distributor number would really help my search.   I believe I have the part number for the drive gear, but that is all I've managed to dig up.


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