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Danvers MA - Sushi Tailgate n Show 6/4/20 6:30pm


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Hey Folks,

My brother and I have been doing a Danvers, MA socially distanced tailgate. Every Thursday we drive in to a great Japanese / Sushi restaurant offering take out during these trying times. There is a large Walgreens parking lot across the street where we meet.

This is open to ANY antique car...not just Fiat enthusiasts...though Fiat is our focus.

We put our order in online an hour before then eat by the trunk of our cars.


Feel free to join us on 6/4/20. Please bring a mask and practice social distancing if you want to socialize a bit.

Restaurant / Location: https://www.blukarmadanvers.com/
6 Purchase Street
Danvers, MA 01923





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I would a bit careful in prompting a larger gathering, and a word of caution to others anywhere in states that are not yet "fully opening", as larger crowds will draw "eyes" that may want to turn you in for too large a gathering.



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