Pete Phillips

1937 Roadmaster, sell? restore? part out?

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On 6/4/2020 at 11:00 AM, Matt Harwood said:

Fix it and sell it. If you repair the accident damage, it will be worth more and will be much easier to sell. Leaving it smashed up will be a challenge to sell no matter how well it drives or how nice the rest is. 99% of the people can't see past what's in front of their eyes. If you replace the shell, the grille, and the bumper, get new bumper mounts, and get those front fenders as straight as you can and touch them up, the car will be worth an easy $9-10K and it will sell much faster. Can you do those repairs for less than $3500-4500? I recon the answer is "Yes."


I am just happy to see a post with some dollar signs in it. Out of all the things I have tried to teach my wife since I met her it appears the term "buying work" is the only thing that stuck. "I thought you weren't going to buy any more work" has flowed matter of factly out of her a few times. just figure out a price and sell it. Cars always seem to sell quickly when you first buy them. If you sit on it and think about it all those potential buyers crawl back into the woodwork.


I would pull that bumper back down the easy way and clean the car like it was going to a car show. Ask for a higher price for the sake of the car so it gets a committed buyer. Then add extra because the car is not perfect. Sell anything that is not perfect and there is a chance you will hear whining and griping after the buyer's friends point out extra faults that weren't noticed by either of you.


Always beware, when you sell something broken for a fair price that is low. A buyer may act fast thinking he is stealing it. When he finds out he actually did not steal it you may have problems.


Keep the price high. I always find it easier to justify the value in a high price than it is to cave in to a buyer's lack of money.


Sharing some personal experience, Bernie.

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