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I spoke to our artist today about the photos shoot for the final art work. Jerry said we need a 10MP camera and need to shoot either in the morning or the evening to get the "long highlights" on the car's finish. It takes a lot of work to make auto photos that really bring out the car. A set of pro photos can cost $10,000!

Take a look at that Australian Buick, the Holden. Now what was that thing called...? Scapegoat, no...intimidator...no...um...it was...the...uh...I can't remember. Rats! Getting old I guess.

Well I cannot tell you how often that happens these days! So we have just a few months until the convention. Bob says no money in the coffers yet, although I started out hot and heavy calling every corporation that might want to help the Tuskegee Airmen's convention.

The Faithful Pursuit was "requested" to participate but we still need money to get the job done. Picture051.jpg

I was coming back from the Indy 500 on Memorial Day weekend and stopped in Detroit. This car, like the Indy Pacecars, was at the GM Store in the airport. Pretty cool Camaro of 2009. I built a model of the '67 when it was still a pretty new car. My mom bought the model instead when I asked her for some high dollar toy. The year was 1968 when she bought that model for me. She said I was hooked after I built the first one. She seemed pretty proud to recall her input into my automotive passion!

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<span style="font-size: 20pt"> </span> <span style="color: #FF0000"> <span style="font-family: 'Arial Black'"> FAITHFUL PURSUIT </span> </span>

1969 Buick Electra GSX, 1,000 HP; est Top Speed 212 mph

1949 Republic P-47N Thunderbolt; 2,800 HP; est Top Speed 470 mph

This is a draft print that is being developed for the Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. 38th Annual National Convention, Palace Station Hotel and Casino, August 6th - 9th, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Faithful Pursuit is the first officially recognized Tuskegee Airmen race car has been requested to be at the convention on display in the valet parking area at the front of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Her crew of 7 will be there as well.

God Speed,

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:cool:...working on the Faithful Pursuit with Jake Harrington. We looked over the intercooler installation and it looks pretty good, even if its not pretty. The hope is that we will be in Cali or Vegas and a high roller will be an Angel sponsor to help us get to the Silver State Classic.

Jake used the plasma cutter to cut some bar stock, I measured, to build intercooler brackets. Each intercooler has 4 bracket bolts.

I drilled the bolt holes through the brackets and Jake welded the new brackets in place. I kept an eye on that torch, ready with the fire extinguisher...shades of the 2003 shop fire...

After that we put the dual fan back in place. Hey...where are all the screws and stuff! We just took it apart a year ago!!! Oops it's in the Other shop! We'll make it if we all pray really hard!

God Speed,

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I'm not sure if I like the new colors of this site, a little bland I think!

Anyway, we pulled out the old wiring birds nest in the front of the Faithful Pursuit. The electronic thermostat controls for the dual fans, the Mezier water pump, and some other stuff were tied into this bus in the engine compartment. We set all that up when the car was being prepared for the unveiling and the inside was gutted. We can now get rid of this and control the functions in the cockpit.

Yesterday Jake and I bolted the turbos to their respective engine exhausts. This was a pain because things have shifted slightly since the piping was removed to 360 degree weld and clean the pipes.

We got rid of surface rust on the turbine housings, welded and exhaust transition, and kicked around the question of ducting the intercoolers. Dave, Jake, and I chewed on it for a while and decided we would just put the race cage in and worry about that later.

When our Ship Comes In, sponsor wise, we will get the insides re-worked anyway for Silver State and SEMA. Hey a guy can dream right?

Who would sponsor a rare car whose parts are hand made custom? There are fewer Buick Electras racing at this level than there are Balwin Motion cars! The racing components alone are so special that nobody in their right mind would buy them just to hot-rod around... Well maybe there are some Big Buick car nuts out there! Thank God for this web thread because at least you guys are here and can relate.:cool:

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Made a little bit of progress. Hooked up the starter, loaded the Optima battery, re-wrapped the main harness. Pulled more senseless wiring to nowhere. Hooked up the electric fan and the starter.

Still lots of electrical and other work. We may fire her up on Friday. Pressurize turbo oil, connect turbo return oiling. Etc, etc.


God Speed,

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Jake and I installed the race cage. This took a lot of effort. The main hoop, behind the driver; has a horizontal bar, a vertical bar, and 4 45 degree bars. It was heavy and a bear to get into the ca.

It is super strong and should resist all crush loads associated with our kind of racing. I suppose that "rules are rules" so we will see what our Silver State people have to stagy. :cool:

We buttoned up the exhaust manifolds, installed the exhaust double doughnut after welding all the holes shut.

She is about ready to be fired. Maybe this weekend,

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How are you doing out there! You probably have lots of your own car dramas to deal with, this is mine.

We were trying to prime the engine using the starter but got no oil pressure. We kept the ignition off, thankfully because it it started we would have just killed the Smilodon engine.

When we put the girdle in we flipped the motor all different ways and she lost her prime. I cobbed up an electric drill driven primer using an old distributor. It turns out that the wiring to the starter died and she now would not start if we tried...and try we did!

We'll scrap the old harness and just get a racer push button starter and stop fooling around with keys!!! What the heck.

The photo shoot was yesterday for the finals on the Faithful pursuit art print. They should go to print by the end of the month. Let me know if you want one! Just $35 bucks for a small print, $125 for the big archival quality acid free stuff!

God Speed,:cool:

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S&W Graphics in Elmira, NY has agreed to do a full color graphics "wrap" for our race car trailer...for free! Our cross country trip to the Tuskegee Airmen Convention in Las Vegas, in August sounded good to the three partners.

I walked to their shop at the local mall and they said "You're the guy with that Buick Machuga built!" Dave is a local legend and his race cars have won more than 20 championships! Dave holds about 5 championship titles personally!

This is worth $$$$ Thanks S&W

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Got the ignition system working. Wires were all okay but the motor was flooded before. Today it started right up and idled like a champ.

Heard a tapping in the motor! Oh no not after all that work! I think the pan got pushed in a little as we rested the motor on the ground!

We'll try to push on the sump to relieve the pressure on the front of the pan, tomorrow. We will see what happens.

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Donny Warren, an old NASCAR series racer dropped by the shop and looked over our car. He has come in a few times over the years and I really never knew who he was. The last time I saw him he said "I'd really like to see this thing go fast!"

I made a mental note. Not many people are actually interested in seeing a Buick go 200 mph. Most do not think it is possible or think they know enough reasons why it is impossible.

Anyway, Donny wants:cool: to take the car to Bonneville and pay for the right to drive her. Well, Bonneville is in early September, a couple of weeks before the Silver State Classic.

Hopefully, we can get the much bigger sponsorship and the interest of a shop to help us get the tuning done.

We pull out for Vegas on August 3rd and Faithful Pursuit will be on display on Aug 6th - 9th in front of the Palace Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas!

God Speed,

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Pulled the pan and saw a shiny spot where the rod bolts were licking the pan! Hopefully we will be back on track tomorrow!!

Just 8 days before we leave for Las Vegas and Faithful Pursuit is put on display at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino.

It is finally time!

God Speed, :cool:

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I had the same problem in my car last year. The oil pan was pushed in, and 2 rods were hitting it...making my stomach turn when we started it for the first time. We finally decided it was probably the oil pan and dropped it. Sure enough, there were two scuffed spots. We cleaned it up, hammered it out, and reinstalled it. That was the smoothest running 455 I've ever felt!

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Okay, we put the pan back on, moved the hoist back in place and my boys lined up everything and dropped the motor back in place. Wow, to think I dreaded doing this. It wasn't that bad after all.

Motor mount bolts were hard to find and I wound up robbing my convertible to get some strong bolts! Turbo-supercharger piping hooked back up, we did all the right things and started to install the torque converter. Put in three bolts with this really neat switchblade sort of flex plate gripper Dave had. We spun in those two bolts, the the motor froze with an audible bang.

Oh no! We checked the starter, disconnected the converter. Tried turning it and Bang stop!!! I was sick!

The four of us stayed there and worked till a little after midnight, pulled the motor got it back on the stand. Turned the crank and Bang, but it rolled past the hit. Opened the crankcase and nothing. Girdle is clear, rod bolts looked clear, the past interference knocked well out of the way and hit with a die grinder for good measure.

That was last night. We finally got home at 1:30am. The next day was more fun and games.

We looked at the welded seams of the pan by the center bearings and pounded them. We put paper in the pan and saw a little shiny potential trouble spot but there was no possible issue there.

I went to get soda and chips while the boys installed paper and tape, socked the pan back down. It hit and they pinpointed the location. It was on the passenger side block casting rail. One shiny and dented part of the pan nearly gave me a stroke. I wanted to have zippers installed on my motor mounts.

I filed the pan down in that space, blasted it clean, socket it down and we looked good. Even with out a proper shake down, ready or not She launches for Vegas in 6 days.

We fire her tomorrow and we shampoo carpets, etc. Seats were done over the weekend. Lots to do!.

Only the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can stop us now.

God Speed,

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We made it to Vegas in 2.5 days, 2,500 miles. Overheated the truck pulling a mountain in Utah in high gear!

Saw wind farms, a giant meteor crater, movie stars, Tuskegee Airmen, lots of Air Force folks and friends.

Everyone loved the car which is now in Phoenix, AZ, where the FAST Engine management and dyno tune is happening for Sept. Bonneville.

Yes, that's right we are going to Bonneville with a new sponsor who is paying for tires and rims! Silver State a few days after that!

194.9 mph here we come!

God Speed,

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We just picked up another sponsor who is doing the FAST engine management system, Fuel Injection, Fuel Cell Modifications, Fuel Pump, etc. fab and install.

They work closely with TA Performance and have the Faithful Pursuit in Phoenix AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dyno testing later this month or Sept. Sept. Bonneville then Silver State Classic.

God Speed,

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The time has finally come! We have worked for the past few years to honor the men who won the USAF's first National Fighter Gunnery Competition.

Forgotten soldiers rarely see their sacrifices uncovered. With many dead or ailing, the Tuskegee Airmen, recently celebrated for their WWII exploits have achieved another victory.

After 60 years, the Air Force has acknowledged that they won the first "Top Gun" meet the USAF held in Las Vegas.

I led a team of more than 25 people that worked to research, verify, and recommend that the Air Force formally recognize the official winners of the conventional class Fighter Gunnery Meet and on 6 August 2009 we did it!

More than 200 people were present when I called for the 2 of 3 surviving competition winners to come forward. Col. John P. Montgomery, head of the gunnery range and Lt. General Russ Davis, president of Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. gave Col. James Harvey and CMSgt Buford Johnson trophies as they made their way though the crossed sabers of the Nellis AFB Saber Team.

An old Air Force magazine article citing the conventional class winners as "unknown" a few years ago, ruffled the feathers of more than one Tuskegee Airman who was there. I wanted to set the record straight and give these men credit.

I carried 20,000 lbs of rolling Top Gun Tribute hardware over the Rockies and even got stuck in Utah on a steep hill! The Faithful Pursuit, her Tuskegee To Gun billboard trailer and digital video display were among the many things my Young Guns Team brought to Vegas.

The big blue Buick will do its final duty in Nevada at the Silver State Classic in 2 weeks. It is the final tribute to the Tuskegee Airmen whose equally massive Thunderbolts achieved victory over those same sands 60 years ago.


God Speed,

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Here are some photos of the 1,000 HP Buick "SMILODON" 430. It has billet Rods, Forged JE Pistons, Clevite Bearings, Halo Girdle, Roller Rockers, Rectangular Port STAGE I Titanium Valves, Ceramic coated combustion chambers, valve faces, exhaust runners and all the the BBB oiling modifications straight from master Buick engine builder Scotty Guadagno!

It took 3 years to design, fabricate the parts from scratch, assemble and test. Another year to figure out the final rear mount twin turbo intercooler setup. Both Buick and the Tuskegee Airmen use the big cat to represent themselves. SMILIDON is the Saber Tooth Tiger! Our Buick engine is a 1,000 HP Wildcat with longer teeth!!!

Bob Reem, of 'Imagine Injection' is a true artist. He has photos of his setups on the wall in his massive shop that look like fine art rather than car parts!

Bob is doing the final plumbing on the Electra GSX in Phoenix, Arizona, where she awaits the Silver State Classic Challenge in 2 weeks.




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When we originally installed the turbo's we ran a 1/4" oil line back 15 feet or so on this huge Electra. It seemed to work pretty well, of course there were no loads on the P-72 Turbonetics ball bearing turbo-superchargers.

Bob Ream at Imagine injection installed the new oiling system and now we have a pretty severe leak. I'm in Amarillo, TX now, after 1,670 miles, and will be in Phoenix this afternoon. In the mean time I'll talk to Jack Cotton to see what he has to say.

He will probably recommend a bigger return line but may want us to check the actual line pressure to the turbo, which should be about 25-30psi. Bob and I will sort it out with Cotton while I'm on the road.

We are just a few days from the Silver State Classic Challenge, with serious manpower deficit. My crew is back at school and my driver has a heart problem; that's what happens when you recruit from both ends of the age spectrum!

We have a new driver who has Indy and other experience, I'll interview him and he will check out the car when we arrive in Vegas on Wed.

God Speed!

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The Turbo-Superchargers and FAST Engine Management System works really well. You never felt a 430 that was so powerful. Dave Machuga, Machuga Racing Chassis, drove it yesterday and said "Holy F&*^*N S*&$!!!" He could not stop talking about it. You are on motor till you punch it then it sounds and feels like your in a jet going down a runway!!!:eek:

The twin turbo ceramic 430 STAGE I works great! Lots of Dyno-work made sure the motor was acting as it should. I guess I could have bought a couple of Z-06s and a motor home with all I have in this project. I now own the world's most powerful Electra and probably one of the most powerful custom cars in the world with its original engine and transmission!.:D

So, finally after 30 years of dreaming about it, I finally built the twin turbo Buick Electra of my dreams! :cool:

Well, we still have to see if she will go really fast! Silver State Classic Challenge did not work out for us. I spent tons of money getting there and getting prepped, but we were speed-limited due to their rules. :mad:

Oh well, we are looking for an old military base strip 7,000 to 10,000 feet, on the east coast where we can do some tests. We really need a 3 mile stretch but we will see what we can do in a mile!;)

Stay tuned! Faithful Pursuit II is finally here: :cool:

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1969 Buick Electra GSX "Faithful Pursuit"

Inspired by warriors, built by artists, dedicated by a general, and driven by a 6 time racing champion, Faithful Pursuit is quite a ride.

Faithful Pursuit is the most powerful Buick Electra in the world. With an estimated top speed of over 200mph, she will be the fastest.

Her ceramic coated, forged pistons, rear mounted twin-turbosupercharged 430, 2000 hp billet rods make her one of the rarest cars in Christendom.

Michael Joseph, II




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Just remembering the Christmas of 2007 and dropping the 430 in on Christmas eve. Little did I know I'd pull that motor three times a month before her biggest debut ever in Las Vegas in 2009.

It was fall 2007 and I had flown to Florida to pick up a very special Buick motor. It was at Buick racing legend Scotty Guadagno's shop in Shady Hills, Florida. He had started working on the motor in 2005. We had collaborated on the thing and had a few phone conversations and meetings about it.

We were two aging Brooklyn kids now growing grey thinking about the old days in Brooklyn. Nitrous oxide injected '69 Electra's racing it out against GTOs and Vettes on the Conduit, the pier in Red Hook; and the Starrett City housing complex back street, the legendary Fountain Avenue.

The motor actually started it's life as a 1969 STAGE 2 tribute motor. Please note that the 1969 STAGE 2 motor did not have the "D" port short runner heads, most people associate with the STAGE 2 moniker. That was a 455 based design sold four years after the original STAGE 2 package was offered.

I found the ultra rare STAGE 2 cam in 2003 or so, which was at the heart of the matter. The heavy 11:1 TRW pistons, originally specified, would be substituted for JE. The motor was to have the B4B manifold, still available, and the STAGE 1 heads developed for the new 400. I even found the 430 STAGE 2 engine stickers. It is true that the package was associated with the 400 engine in 1968 and 1969. The STAGE 1 and 2 430's were used by racers in 1969 to provide more punch, un-shroud the big valves, until the new 455 could be used.

Yes there was a 430 STAGE 2. Yes there were a few Buick Electra's ordered with the STAGE 1 option, by the account of one 1970 owner. Did you know there were a few Wildcats built with manual transmissions and other non-Buick-like anomalies. There was a fabled "PX" code option, 3.9 to 1 positive traction rear, in 1969 available for the Electra if you knew enough to order it. It is not known if a 1969 Buick Electra 225 430 STAGE 2 "PX" actually existed but I wanted to build one. Little did I know how deep this engine development program would go.

The 430 was to be transformed to handle the turbos because Scotty told me we would have to start from scratch.We could not use the 455 STAGE 1 he built for me in '97. Now we would have to get serious. We'd need rods, pistons, and valves that did not exist for Buick in 2007. We adapted billet rods, Chevy Inconel Valves, ceramic coatings, and some of the most elegantly sculpted parts ever designed for the internal combustion engine.

When in 2004, when the car was dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen, I had about 25 years in the project. I had already spent about as much as we spent on our home. By 2009 and two rear mounted Turbo-Superchargers, special engine, and 47 feet of piping later; I'd have half again the cost of my home in the new powerplant.

Every component in the drive line, not originally rated for 1000 lb-ft, was shipped back to their respective manufacturers and redesigned and rebuilt to handle it. Everything from the special TH 375 transmission to the Performance Ford 9". It was a good thing too, I found the GRADE 8 wheel studs were bent so they were replaced with Structural Steel Alloy that now exceed the original G8 parts. Who knows if it was the dyno gaff or not enough torque on the stud bolts but I was glad I re-checked everything.

194.9 mph in 2010.




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It was good to hear from you. Yeah, if I have not rolled it into a ball at 170mph, I'll certainly try. We have not done a Buick program since 2005, at the BCA national meet in Geneseo, NY. It's time the Faithful Pursuit got some love from Buick people!

We met one hell of a Centurion guy in Ely, 100 mi north of Vegas. Built his own fuel injection system for his '74 Skylark 455. Had a Centurion in his front yard. I told him about you.

This will be the last ride for us I think. We had a good run over the past 6 years. Covered over 20,000 miles touring and seeing tons of people and racing, and breaking all kinds of parts! ITS HARD TO BELIEVE I'S BEEN 28 YEARS SINCE MY FIRST GS NATIONALS IN '82!

I'm embarrassed to say I'm actually member #33! I GOTTA MAKE IT TO THE GS NATS THIS YEAR!

Check this out.


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My car started out as a plain Jane 1969 Buick Electra CODE D, Crystal Blue, with a White Vinyl Top. No disks, no STAGE 1, no buckets, etc.

* 1978 Purchased the car.

* 1979 Car was damaged in a bad accident that winter.

* 1982 Took car off the road and began disassembly.

* 1994 Bought parts car from Colorado with rust free body & disk brakes.

* 1996 Original body was junked. Chassis was stripped and painted.

* 1997 Pee Gee Built the 1970 "Intimidator" BUICK 455 STAGE I in 1997

493HP/535 Ft-Lbs on Scotty's Dyno.

* 1998 GT Performance, Inc. FORD 9", NODULAR CASE, MOSER AXLES, STUDS

* 1999 Competition TH375, Redline Comp. Clutches/Allison Converter

* 2000 Chassis was narrowed by late motorsports Hall of Famer Gary Shaw

* 2002 Machuga Chassis takes over after Shaw's death, September 2002

* 2003 Suspension, Cage, Cell, Floor, Body mated back to chassis

* 2004 February, runs under its own power for the 1st time since '82!

* 2004 March, Tim Putman begins paint. T minus 4 weeks to deadline!

* 2005 April 24th Unvieling at Tuskegee Airmen, Inc. Event at Wings of Eagles. 6 WWII Tuskegee Airmen 300 guests.Raised $4,000 for charity.

* 2006 Start new engine program. Lots of billet, Inconel, & Ceramic goodies!

* 2007 Scotty Guadagno begins build. Special pistons take 3mos.

* 2008 Ceramic chamber 430 STAGE 2 is complete. Motor in on Christmas eve.

* 2008 Entire driveline beefed up for 1000 lb-ft engine

* 2009 Displayed in Las Vegas at the national Tuskegee Airmen Convention

* 2009 Twin Turbo Superchargers tied into FAST engine management system

* 2009 Dyno at Imagine Injection in Phoenix, AZ. 695 RWH (Unofficial)

* 2009 Low Speed Trial runs in Ely Nevada 120mph without OD

* 2010 Revised rear suspension mounts, bent GR-8 Axle studs replaced.

* 2010 High speed 1 mile runs in the Spring! (Seneca Army Depot field)

Just a little bit about my Buick Obsession...

God Speed!

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Someone asked about fast 1970 Buick Electras. Here is what I remember about 1969s and 1970s.

10.90 Sec. Joe B. 1970 Green Coupe, 455, Nitrous, Brooklyn

11.70 Sec. Frankie B. 1970 Green Coupe, 455, Nitrous, Brooklyn

12.99 Sec. Michael J. 1969 Blue Coupe Pee Gee STAGE 1 Corning

15.50 Sec. Michael J. 1969 Brown Convertible, Stock 430 Corning

3.23 or 3.91 cars were most likely capable of 14s with dual exhaust. The 3.91 PX "AC DELETE" OPTION would be the rarest and fastest Electra. Some alleged 1970 STAGE I's were rumored to exist.

God Speed

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Wow Adam...you are paying attention. As always!:D

I was wrong, the Green 1970 was Scotty Guadagno's ride. On the other hand, Frankie B. raced an elegant white 1970 Electra 225 Custom Convertible. :eek:I do not have a time for Frankie's car but I do know he outran a '68 or 9 GTO Judge with a 4 speed in Brooklyn in 1983. I drove in it once and my guess is he had a legit low 13 second car without spray.

There were two green Buick Electra "legends". One belonged to Joe B. and the other Scotty G. Scotty's Deuce could do 12.4 or 11.7 on "the juice". Joe B.'s '70 coupe took the Electra game to a whole new level and it was literally the talk of the town.

I have a little time here so I thought I'd do a little Electra history lesson. I was involved in the Brooklyn street racing scene as a spectator only in the 1980s. I bought my '69 in 1978 and it had been wrecked and put together once already by 1982. It would be another 22 years before Faithful Pursuit would even run under it's own power! It would be another 5 years after that to get her new fuel injected twin turbo 430 STAGE 1 from Scotty G.

The funny thing was that I never saw Scotty's car or even Joe B.'s car, period! Here is the thing, these ghosts were being talked about by racers and those who witnessed the incredible street races. You would hear stuff like "I've been coming here for a long time and there was this one race that stood out. You see, there was this tunnel ram 427 Corvette and a silver grey '69 Deuce and a Quarter..." or "That green Electra, Joe B.'s, pulled the wheels in first AND in second and did a 10.93!" and my personal favorite "'I've seen cars come and I've seen cars go but I never saw anything like that before..."

There were other '69 and '70 Electra's that I did actually see which were very awesome. I saw a Brown '70 that was incredible. And caught sight of the Black "440 Cuda Killer" convertible just once in Red Hook. Many of these racers had colorful names like "Booger" "Hydro" or "Apple Jack". Jim Bell, of Kenne Bell fame told me "Talk to Scotty G. in Brooklyn, he knows all that history" Scotty G. doesn't talk much about the old days but he will tell you many of those Electra guys wound up "dead or in jail". One of my friends witnessed a bad Electra crash where the thing ran into a bridge support. "He was 6 foot 4 when he got into that Deuce and 4 foot 6 when they pulled him out!"

Remember that this was the early 1980's so a fast street car ran 12 - 14sec. Electra racers took advantage of Nitrous, which was a new thing on the street. Many racers swore the stuff off and dismissed it because "The Juice" fried motors in the early days. I am not sure how but the Electra guys figured out how to make it work. Now, take a '69 with a good rear and tires that ran mid 14's to low 15's out of the box; add nitrous, some Kennebell Goodies, and BAM...you have a 11 second Hemi Killer with power seats and air conditioning!

The Electra was not as heavy as many of its big bodied brethren. Couple that with the new generation thin wall 430 or 455 and you have a 100lbs off the nose. 100lbs off the nose and all that junk in her trunk made for good hook up. People used to say that if a Deuce got you off the line it was over; if not she'd run you down. It was the perfect storm.

Now you had crews of Buick Electra guys, who all knew eachother, cutting down tall trees like 427 Vette's; 440 GTX's, and 400 GTOs. It literally blew people's minds because it reversed the trend of the small big motor car being the faster car.

God Speed,

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Electra Waggoner Biggs, sculptor, ranch heir, dies

ARTICLE TOOLS: Email Article | Print-Friendly Format

FORT WORTH (AP) - Famed Texas sculptor and oil-and-ranching heir Electra Waggoner Biggs died Monday in a Vernon hospital. She was 88.

She died just a few miles from her home at the Santa Rosa Roundup ranch.

Biggs' grandfather was famed Texas cattleman and horseman W.T. "Pappy" Waggoner, who inherited the Waggoner Ranch from his father, cattle baron Dan Waggoner. He also bred thoroughbred horses and built the Arlington Downs racetrack that operated in Arlington during the 1930s.

Her beauty inspired the naming of an automobile, the Buick Electra, :eek:and of an aircraft, the Lockheed Electra. :eek::eek:Harlow H. Curtice, president of General Motors' Buick Motor Division when the Buick model was named in 1959, was the brother-in-law of Biggs husband, John Biggs, who died in 1975.

Biggs is survived by her two daughters, Willingham and Electra Biggs Mouder of Jacksonville, Fla.

Hmmm...didn't see that one coming. I always thought someone at Buick read Sophocles's Greek tragedy "Electra" and "The Race". ...learn something new every day.

God Speed Y'all

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I finally got back into this site after trying on and off for a few months; I guess I forgot my password.

The Faithful Pursuit is about to have its push rods out for inspection. The first set were bent and the head gasket had a burn-through. We had these "6" heat range plugs in there which were too hot for a turbo set up. We dynoed the 430 at Scotty Guadagno's in Florida normally aspirated. When we installed the turbos we forgot to change the plugs and fried the gasket. We switched to a Motorcraft "3" range plug. It pulled pretty well with maybe 600 hp before we popped a hose. She was a bit faster in the quarter, 110 vs the 103 at 500HP. Remember we no longer have a 4.11 but are now running a 2.5 high speed gear set. The pull is really incredible.

Anyway, the lifters keep clicking despite our best efforts to dial in the lash. I'm afraid we may have bent the thicker .080 rods too. It is all pretty mystifying. I have spent over 30K on the new engine and driveline and not gotten my 1,000 hp yet! It looks like we will have to pull the motor for the 4th time!!!! This is nuts!!!

The mild chassis dyno work showed good promise but the car was never really stretched to its limit in Arizona. We didi not know there was a problem till she started blowing smoke in New York.

Despite the headaches, it is an incredible looking setup. You can look down into the rear window and see the two Turbonetics P-72s, yep the big ones, sitting above the rear axle! Hopefully we will get it together for next Spring.

New video


God Speed; may all your pursuits be fruitful.

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Faithful Pursuit is back in Corning, NY in my garage. We will pull the engine over the winter. The transmission was grinding a little bit too. It barely had enough guts left to make it into the garage. I will try a new transmission guy; the thing never had a strong first gear even after many rebuilds at the old tranny shop$$$$. We just have to be patients I guess; the dyno work will have to hold until spring. Oh, I did not tell you that a guy 15 minutes away has a 1200 hp dyno in his garage? Well, just found out by luck someone has one. He was dynoing a 500+ HP Shelby Mustang when I drove up to check it out. Yup, it's a pretty serious unit...lots a new computer controls and sensors. Wideband this and that. I'm still old school and can tune a points car by ear and get great ETs without a timing light. Well, its a new day. Got a new lap top for the 1969 Buick Electra GSX. I never would have dreamed 30 years ago that I'd get my HP over the internet!

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Back before engine management systems; EFIs, etc, etc. We were a group of kids hot rodding our Buicks in East Flatbush. :cool:

My buddy's old man had a '66 Nail head 225 with a 401. :)Another's dad had a '71 225 with the 455.;) We came of age in the mid-70s having seen the Super Birds, Mustangs, & Camaros on the show room floor and on the street.

The difference was we wanted CLASS! The first time I saw a 225 blow away a '68 Camaro and a '68 440 GTX I was hooked:eek:. i wanted a 455 STAGE 1 powered '69 Electra; a super sleeper you could take your girl out in and look grown up in.


33 years later, I'd feel like a fool rolling up to a nice hotel or restaurant driving in one of those kandy kolored kamaro kiddie karts! Still got my '69 225 but the old 455 STAGE 1 gave way to a twin turbo intercooled fuel injected STAGE 2 monster! :eek:

Looks like a nice classic Buick, driven by a guy with some silver hair thinning on top! That is until the turbos spool up and she sounds like a 747!


Still going fast with class after all these years!

God Speed,

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It looks like I destroyed my transmission; before it died I pulled a few passes on a local airport runway.

Pretty good pulls at about 10 psi with a 2.48 high speed rear geared for 212 mph. A little doggy to start with a 110 mph quarter mile at 3,500 rpm.

God Speed,

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Spring has finally returned to the frigid North country. I Just came back from a drive in our 4.6 Northstar Buick Lucern to the airport. The night was pretty clear and I was a bit restless so I jumped in the thing about an hour ago.

The lucern is a beautiful car with all the creature comforts. However,

the four port Buick is pretty gutless compared to the old four holer Buicks' of the past. :confused:

Last summer it wheezed through the quarter at 88 mph and 15.8 seconds. No guts off the line, no guts at the end of the quarter. It sounds like a Ferrari when she winds up and has fair power. It is just too heavy, at 4,200 lbs for the little motor to pull well. Now, my 4,700 lb bone stock '69 Electra 225 Custom Convertible is another story. That 4 holer would just be getting started at the end of the quarter, not winding down like the Lucerne. She was similar in the traps 15.5s at 89mph, but a totally different feel! :cool:

As I cruised in the brisk evening air I recalled how I took my 1969 Electra convertible down that same road, probably back in 1999 or so, when a 3 series Beemer drove past me doing about 80. It was beautiful dark car, nearly new as I recall. The things are pretty fast, especially the 535s which I suspect this one was. Raced one uphill in my '87 GN once, he hung in there pretty well.

Well, I was just cruising at 55 with the top down, minding my own business, it being a sunny Sunday morning at about 7am. I thought "I'm not going to let that German pass me by like that!. I punched it, kicking the massive 'big car' version of the turbo 400 transmission into passing gear.

We went through some shallow turns as the 430 wound up and entered a 5 mile straight. The car was making this incredible sound, like when you really went fast in your old ten speed and you hear the air whizzing through the spokes!;)

Deep in top gear at 100, just wind noise filled my ears as the 430 Buick did its job under the hood. She was pulling strong as we began gaining ground on the hot BMW. It was on! :cool:

To be honest, I got a little scared as I thought about what would happen if I flipped this baby; I'd be a long red stain doing a buck 25 with the top down. :eek: I kept my foot in it anyway! The incredible feeling of all that mass at my command, and bringing it to bear on Germany's finest was too much to resist.

I only glanced at the rectangular speedo briefly, which was pegged. She was still pulling hard, thanks to the 2.56 rear and the big 430 with 475 lb-ft of torque and 360 HP. We were going for about a mile with me getting ready for a pass when the Beemer slowed rapidly and pulled out of the fast lane; a state trooper revealed himself to be driving just ahead. :mad::eek::eek:

We had rolled up the back door of the already speeding trooper! I knew of a turn off coming up fast; it seemed like forever before the speedo began to register below 120 again as I gingerly let wind resistance slow me down before hitting the oversize Buick drum brakes. :D We slowed quickly as my mind raced about how to get out of this mess.

I remembered a tiny highway service road ahead, not a real exit but I might just work, that is if I hadn't passed it already. Now below 80, I broke hard right, wheeling into the little unmarked side road. I ducked off the highway and headed back to town. No sirens for me, but I knew the Bimmer guy was toast; I did not care to look back. He was probably pretty pissed when all of a sudden he was alone with a trooper and I had somehow vanished. Oh well...:rolleyes:

I thought I got away scott-free; having cooly put the car in the garage where she laid low for another week. :o Probably went to church, thanking God and my guardian angel. :rolleyes:

That next week I drove down the same road in my daily driver. It was time to go to the barber. As I sat in the barber's chair; the barber goes "I was going to work last Sunday morning when these cars shot by me." "I don't see Why SOME people like to drive 150mph around here?!?" Busted, I just sat there and got shorn like a sheep while smiling to myself. :cool:

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