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Lock cylinder removal

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Does anyone know how to remove the lock cylinder from this door handle?  It is from a 1932 Detroit Electric, but seems to be a common type of handle for the late twenties/early thirties.  I have the key, and the mechanism is free and working.  Thanks!  Andrew



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Just in case anyone is interested:  To get this apart, I was able to loosen the outer sleeve "D" enough to get it to slide down and away from the handle about 1/16 inch or so.  Then I cut a ring around it where it adjoins the handle which allowed me to slide it all the way off.  The area I damaged on sleeve "D" will push back under the handle so as to not be visible when re-assembled.


The lock cylinder is retained by an oval shaped spring clip "A", which engages into slot "B".  If one knew the precise location of slot "B", I suppose the clip could be compressed by simply drilling a small hole in the right place in sleeve "D", and inserting a drive pin to compress spring "A".  By the way, when the handle is in the locked position, lock tumblers also engage in slot "C", so that the cylinder is doubly secured.  To slide the lock cylinder out, the key must be inserted and turned to the unlock position, and spring "A" must be compressed.


Hard to follow, I know; but may be helpful to somebody someday.


door handle lock.jpg

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