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I have a nearly all original 39,000 mile car.  Only changes are a poor 1957 paint job and all state tires installed in 1965.  The guy before me resealed the original brake cylinders.  It even has the original shoes.  We got the receipts with the car that go back to it's purchase from the original owner in 1953.  Two of my caps are trashed.  Do you accept Paypal?




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On 6/5/2021 at 6:47 PM, 1939_Buick said:

Note the add is from 2020 (~year ago)


From his profile  https://forums.aaca.org/profile/105920-marcnoni/

Last visited  January 11




Well, I missed that little detail!  For some reason I saw 'June' and thought it was just a couple days ago.  I guess the hunt is still on.  I'd rather have some lightly used caps to match the patina of the vehicle instead of nice, shiny new ones.


Thanks for the clarification.

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McLaughlin Buick hub caps are like hen's teeth,  even though the same cap was used from about 37 to the very early 40's.


Reproductions don't fit.  The McLaughlins have higher domes, different diameter20190930_063934.jpg.279a63f32612cd8dd8d27c3b830ab9d7.jpg and three grooves around the outer edge.



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