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Hey guys,

Ive got a cd changer hooked up to my 88 thats pretty cool because i still get to to use the touchscreen to control it...but somethings got me wanting a little more power. There isnt a way to increase the output without having to lose the touchscreen control is there? Im pretty sure there isnt but if anyone knows a way...you would make me a very happy man.


Paul [color:\\"yellow\\"] [color:\\"white\\"]

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If you're that easy to please then get yourself a separate slave power amp and hook the speaker wires to it then , it to the speakers. Enough power to break your windows.

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How about an amp and a sub to handle all your kidney thumping needs?

The amp I use is a single channel Kenwood with 450watt peak. I didn't wire it but I can tell you only the left 2 equilizer channels control it. To me there is no need to go any more powerful.

I have a 12" Kenwood Sub in a sealed box, 600watt peak. All this was installed with a switch to turn off the amp. The downside to my setup is that the sub does all the base.

I leave base boost off. If you want to fool people into thinking you have competition stuff set from left to right the equillizer as follows:

minus 2; minus 3; plus 2-3; plus 1 or 2; plus 1 or 2, make sure middle is highest.

The only revisions I make are for more bass, or if i want something easier on the ears.

I find that my front speakers are working, but I have to move my head forward to here them. Balance adjustment makes them louder but takes away from the rear. Perhaps some tweaking has to be done to mine.

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Guest C.F.Massie

Ok, I'm really curious how did you hook up a CD changer on that 88 Reatta and control it through the CRT? I've got an 89 and have to use a CD changer with the FM modulator, if there is another way of doing it I'm really interested in hearing about it.

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As mentioned n another thread, I recently came across mention of a Delco p/n 16068799 "Compact Disk Interface board" and 16068798 "Compact Disk Interface Harness Assembly" for 1987 2000 series ETR radios with remote cassette decks.

Apparently you unplug the audio and control line from the Casette and plug this board in its place then connect both the CD and the Cassette to the device.

Schematic can be found on page 14 &15 of The Delco 2M-1987-2M auto radio service manual (actulally a folder)

Now neither p/n shows up as good on GMPD so may be hard to find but this looks like it is designed so that if you insert a CD, it acts as if you inserted a tape and automagically switches the radio. Probably only works with a GM CD.

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Thanks guys,

I'm a little confused though. My changer runs off the radio too (i just set the frequency to 88.3) and i control it the same way i would a normal radio channel. Could i just run the amp straight off the crt? I wasnt aware that it had pre-outs (or whatever they are) for that kind of thing. Sorry if my ignorance is frustrating.


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