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What year is this pedal car?

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That looks very similar to the one I had as a kid back in the late sixties......me and my brother was sharing a new fire engine pedal car and my grandfather picked that one up somewhere... it was old back then !  Maybe mid to late forties ??



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Yes, it looks kind of familiar to me, too. I'm guessing that basic body style had a lot of variations to it. 


In my home town, we're lucky enough to have the Museum of American Speed, which is affiliated with Speedway Motors, a really big aftermarket street rod and sprint car parts supplier. Aside from being a cool automotive racing museum, it also has a giant display of pedal cars, and I don't think they just spray painted a bunch of junk they got out of dumpsters. They seem pretty knowledgeable on the subject, and I think have hundreds of pedal cars. Maybe they could help you out if you don't have any luck here.



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