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Find new home for 1964 401 Riviera

Victor B

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I bought the Riv for the drivetrain , as the car was rusted out but driven ! The nailhead was narrow enough to fit into mr 30 Buick , which was engineless and titled as home made ! A project that has evaporated !  The eng and trans is what is for sale !  Would like to get it to someone that could really use it  ! 

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As John stated it's a 1965 401.  L is the sequential letter for 1965 -  J=1963, K=1964, L=1966, and M=1966.

T designates a 401, W designated a 425. 

You might also want to look at the aluminum tag on the side of the transmission and let us know the date and code for it. Is it the original transmission for the 1964 or is it the transmission that came with the engine.  If it's the 1965 transmission, it has the "switch pitch" feature in the torque converter.  There is a market for switch pitch transmissions.

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15 hours ago, Victor B said:

Here is the tag pic  looks like a 65 ? 


BR code

Came from a 1965 Riviera with a 3.23 rear axle ratio.  It's a basic ST400 (Buick's name for a TH400) that has linkage for a floor shift and speedometer gears for the 3.23 rear end. All of the other Alpha-numeric stuff is serial numbers and assembly line info.

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