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1931 chevy sport coupe, need parts & HELP


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I just bought a 1931sport Coupe and I'm trying to get it running and just safe it's in pretty good shape by all means it's not a show car it's a complete Beverly Hillbillies but I really enjoy it and want to keep it original in Old looking I need help with the rumble seat how things are fitted in the back and around the windshield trims,

20200527_203800.thumb.jpg.3f8c3715e52a385d263d7fcab8efe8e3.jpg9 could use some handles, cowling lights... I'll post some pictures of the car's condition and just send me an email with what you have

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Your rumble seat is missing the right hinge, the lower deck rail wood and that is not the correct cushion. That’s all I can pretty much tell from the picture. Often the rear of rumble seat cars the wood gets rotted and will need to be replaced. This means pulling the sheet metal off and replacing, rebuilding, or repairing the wood body frame. If you look at my 32’ Oldsmobile DCR restoration thread here on the AACA forums, you will see the wood body restoration and the work done in the rumble seat area. It will give you an idea on what it will take to make the seat operational. If you don’t want to do the work, find a hinge, find a way to secure it, and just leave it closed.

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Thanks for the info thats a big help. I though that was the rear seat...maybe its the front then. Ya still would like a good picture of the same car rumble seat area.   Great info 👍 



The issues I'm having I need to know what's around the front windshield glass is your moldings trim House of Glass called in also the rear rumble seat clean the bottom back panel and the rumble seat what's in their wood metal missing it so I'm not sure and just looking for tail lights one tail light rumble seat handle latch. Any hints on getting the front side windows in the door to move up and down a lot smoother they seem to bind and I can't seem to get the rubber felt tracking installed glass won't fit then did somebody who's got some photos of they can help out with would be awesome. 


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I think I have some of the parts you need but it might save shipping if you made a list for me to check my inventory. I do have some much used inside and outside door handles, tail light buckets, and many other parts.  I bought my cowl light bases and lenses from I and I Reproductions and had the shells re plated. I am not sure if anyone is reproducing the lights but they might be.


The t handle Rumble seat handle is hard to come by ,and the repos were out of stock last time I checked.  I did find one after much searching but it needed a lot of work. The one on my car was L shaped and that is available.


I can take many pictures since my car is still in progress. I would like to see a few more pictures of your bottom rumble seat cushion and the wood frame. I will attach pictures of the seat back.


If you wish let me know via PM when you have your parts list.



rumble seat back.jpg

rumble seat back 2.jpg

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Looks to be a late 31 style with the single piece bumper instead of the two piece early bars. If if has not been done STRONGLY recommend replacing the windshield from the original 1/4" plate glass to safety glass. You do not want a rock or something else turning that glass into 6" long daggers. Safety glass became standard on Chevrolet models in 32. A VCCA article some years back highlighted some of the differences between an early 31, and a late 31. Even the wood was somewhat different. Go to Bill Barkers 31 Chev site for info on tuning up and waking up your early 6 engine. A must read. Art


PS The Filling Station carries hub caps for your rims.

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