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Parts Inventory '41 Continental

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Hello Folks


I hope all are safe and doing well. In recent days I've been taking inventory of my new project and extra parts I have on hand. I know parts are sometimes hard to come by, in part to low production numbers but also because over the years some folks have tended to 'hoard' things. I don't want to be one of the hoarders.  While I'm just beginning my restoration I'm not sure exactly what I have that is extra.......but it's clear I'm going to have extra. Also, I'm missing some things that I'm going to need. For starters, a brake light assembly, a spare tire surround, the center grill trim piece, and the 'Lincoln Continental' script body trim. Anybody have some of those pieces or know where to find them? I have a lot of miscellaneous pieces that I may be willing to sacrifice, but as I said I'm not 100% what I have will turn out to be extra just that some of it will. For instance, I know I won't need two steering wheels.


Let me know


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