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53 Special rear door exterior door handles

Guest Bert

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Can anyone tell me what the part number (or casting number) found on the inside of the rear door handles of a 53 Special is? What other years/models these may fit? I bought junk-yard handles, that must fit the front because they lean up, instead of parallel to the ground like the fronts. Does anyone have a nice set of rear handles they want to sell, or trade for a set that I think fit the front? Someone has to have a 4-door parts car with nice handles. Please send respond or send info to Elgar1@Attbi.Com

Thanks. Just building a driver....but want a NICE driver.

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10.512-4099781 Handle door lock inside 1939 1940 ser.40 1941-1953 all 1954 thru 1958-50-70 1958-700. Handle door window regulator 10.797 4600820.1951-40 exc.46C 1952-1953-40 exc.45R-46C. Handle rear qarter window regulator 11.044 4600820.1951-1952 -45R-46S-48D 1953 -45R-46C-48D.blk.knob.If you are asking questions about your Buick, tell us body no.and so one.

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The casting number for the front handles are T-20072 (RH) and T20073 (LH), the back had a T20098 (RH) in bad condition and some other handle for the left.

I assume it should be T20099 but I would like any confirmation, also if anyone has these handles for sale. Thanks for the reply.

The model info is:

1953 MOD 53-41D

STYLE NO. 53-43690



PAINT 69-1

Any other info would be helpful also. Thanks.

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