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Brennan automobile drawings (Updated with photos)and ID request


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In  researching the Brennan auto, I read that along with supplying motors to large manufacturers as well as individuals, drawings of projected car


Designs were also offered. I know it’s a long shot but would anyone have said drawings offered?  Thanks Jo Bo

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Research I found says Brennan expanded their building space in1903 due to the vast profits from motor sales in connection with completed car drawings (design )plans. From that statement I believe so....it was probably an effort to boost sales of motors so those who wished to build their own car would have a blueprint to work off. Jo Bo



Ps.  Wikipedia.   Brennan. Motor Manufacturing Company.     Phrase found under subtitle. “Automobile engines”.  

That may also be a reason I was told there were various autos built by the company itself from 1902 -1908 and hard to find two alike. 

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7 hours ago, MochetVelo said:

I wonder if this is one of their drawings or an actual company built car design?

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Here are some pictures of my Special 8hp Brennan motor with gear offered by Brennan in 1902.  The car is in question on whether it is a Brennan built or a customer built. With the quality of workmanship and areas where special machining would be needed I am leaning toward Brennan built.  

The car originally had a spindle seat much like an early Stanley Steamer or Locomobile. I am looking for one to replace it with.  

very unique way to adjust chain tension.      Also has a traverse front spring set up. never saw this on any other car .    









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If anyone has opinions about this car please respond.  It came from CT in 1977 and I believe was misidentified as another make.   Any help would be grateful. It is hard to own a mystery car....drives you insane not knowing for sure.  Thanks Jo Bo

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