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1918 Stanley for sale

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From ebay.




1918 Stanley Motor Carriage Steam Car Touring model (736).  This model is a condenser steam car.  This was a retirement project undertaken by a client and unfortunately there are no documents or papers which accompany the car.  Only a title. 

I am not an expert on the “Stanley Steamer” or “The Flying Tea Pot” so please excuse any mistakes in the description.  View all photos carefully and ask questions.  Hopefully, I can answer them.

History shows the Stanley Motor Carriage Steam Car Company was in existence from 1902 until about 1924.  The cars used kerosene to heat the water and the steam would be held in a tank located in what most people call the engine compartment. 

The title number uses the engine block number which corresponds to an earlier Stanley Steamer engine, possibly a 1916 and does accompany the car.  The original Stanley Steamer Motor Car Co. VIN plate is lost.

The parts you see in the photos and video are all the owner has.  There are no interior parts or running boards.  Only 3 of the four fenders were found (2 front and 1 rear), new headlights, and various other items.





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