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Measurements for 1929 coupe floor mats

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Hi Don,


I don't have the info you need, but here are 2 good resources where you could get it:


Web site www.29buick.ca has a lot of reference data for 1929 Buicks.  This site is run by Bill McLaughlin, who also runs the Silver Anniversary Buick (1929) Club.  There are a lot of reference pictures and documents under the "photo gallery" tab on the home page, and you can look through them even if you are not a member.


Tony Bult is one of maybe two of the best experts in the USA on 1929 Buick automobiles.  He restores 1927 - 1929 Buicks in his facility in Wisconsin.  I am positive that you could get the info from him because if he doesn't already have it, I am positive that he knows who does have the information.  You can contact him by e-mail at tonybuick272829@gmail.com.


I have a model 27 sedan, and it has a sort of a carpeted floor.  I am not sure that what I have is correct.  Also, a coupe might be different.




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Anyone have a 1929  model 26 cp. That could make a traceing of mat. It would be great .

I have the rubber  to form the under mat, and the carpet material.

ps just have medical issues which does not  let me bend  etc.

Thanks Don

This covid sucks big time ,I hope everything is well with everyone!

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