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1963 Pontiac Bonneville 4 speed Special Order Wagon - CA - Not Mine

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For Sale on Craigslist  1963 Pontiac Bonneville 4 speed Wagon in Long Beach, CA  -  $19,500  -  No phone # provided, reply to Seller through Craigslist email to c1a08dc97e3a3392987364c23206656c@sale.craigslist.org


Link:  https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/d/lawndale-1963-pontiac-bonneville-4/7121286212.html


Seller's Description:

Special order Safari, bucket seats, tach, 8 lugs, HD frame
single 4bbl police special 389" is rebuilt
recent 2 stage paint
needs seats redone, carpets
POCI documented build sheet
probably only one built this way!

I ONLY respond to a phone number, so include yours please

















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58 minutes ago, auburnseeker said:

Was that car listed here at one point by  a member?  Something seems real familiar about it. 


22 minutes ago, John S. said:

Car does look familiar


Yeah. My memory is nothing like it was,  but no different from most others in their mid-70s. That being said, unless I am suffering from deja vu, or some kind of a hullabilusion, I clearly remember this car. But I am pretty sure that the posting referenced, and provided a link to CL. Just like we see here. Cool car ! Wonder if it is still in possession by the same owner as before ?    -   Carl 

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I posted a CL link in a thread regarding a 1967 Ambassador 4 speed wagon someone was working on.  It was also on the For Sale forum in February of 2019.

Pretty cool. Here is another 4 speed wagon that would be cool to own.




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 My shop teacher in my freshman year of high school had a 64 Pontiac wagon with a 421 though automatic.  He had a big boat he towed.  My lab partner and I were elected to tune it up during class one day.  I had hardly seen a V-8 up close much less work on one.

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On 5/29/2020 at 3:50 PM, Matt Harwood said:

Now THAT is cool! I'd love to have a wagon with buckets and a 4-speed. 


When I was 16 I knew a girl whose father had a brand new '64 Impala wagon with a 409 and a four speed.  Very cool car.

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