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Buicks on the Bricks Cancelled and Back to the Bricks too!

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I received this today from the leaders of the Buick Town Chapter / Buicks on the Bricks which is tied to Flint's Back to the Bricks event 


Volunteers for Buicks on the Bricks,
Looking at today's Back to the Bricks'  web site,  the details for main event week have not yet changed.   However, a Plan B is mentioned as a possibility depending upon the situation caused by the COVID-19 virus.   We must wait and look to the Brick's web site for event updates as posted over the coming weeks. 
Our plans for Buicks on the Bricks are cancelled.  We know that Factory One and the Durant-Dort building will be closed.  We also know there would not be "large social gatherings" such as the Saturday car show on Saginaw Street.   Further, the Woodward Dream Cruise, the Sloan Auto Fair and Crossroads are cancelled/closed.   The trend is clear for this years major car events.
All related Buick car organizations will be notified of cancellation for Buicks on the Bricks 2020.
Roger, Dave and Al
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6 hours ago, Larry Schramm said:

I received this today from the leaders of the Buick Town Chapter / Buicks on the Bricks which is tied to Flint's Back to the Bricks event 


I may have missed it but when was this originally scheduled for Larry?

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Update today at 10 AM, basically Back to the Bricks is cancelled with some events to be "drive thru" see this from the  press conference.


Back to the Bricks leaders have been working hard on restructuring the summer events over the past 3 months due to the continued concerns over COVID-19. After careful consideration and consultation with our Back to the Bricks Board, Sponsors and many, many Volunteers, the 16th Annual Back to the Bricks Car Show will look and feel much different from previous years. We did not come at this decision quickly, and it is not easy navigating through these unprecedented times, but although we are cutting back on some of our normal activities, we are adding a few new things to enhance this years’ experience and make it safer for everyone.


Traditionally, Back to the Bricks events would draw people from all around the U.S., necessitating overnight stays, which impact hotels and restaurants, fueling stations, shops in downtown Flint and surrounding areas. Numerous businesses and communities feel the impact of our Back to the Bricks events. We are devastated that this year, we cannot do more to help contribute to the local economy, but are looking at 2021 to be bigger and better than EVER!


Our Back to the Bricks collectors’ Magazine and popular Root Beer will continue this year with unique opportunities to get your hands on both of them. We are also enhancing our Back to the Bricks merchandise offerings sold online, with exclusive items to be released once a month.


Based on the excitement and feedback of our first ever Road Rally, we will be adding another one for our car lovers to enjoy. The event will take place in late July, with details coming out soon. The June 13th Road Rally generated over $5,000 in donations for the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, a well needed boost during these troubling times.


We know that many will be disappointed with the changes that we need to make, but we hope it is understood that the Back to the Bricks organization puts the safety of everyone above and beyond anything else. We know that our car lovers want to get out, and we will make it happen, but it will just be a little bit different this year. We hope that if we all continue to do our part, by practicing proper social distancing, and lowering the curve, the virus will be contained. We all want to get back to the normal look and feel of our great Back to the Bricks events in the future! 




Changes for 2020




·     Rolling Cruise – August 12th & 13th, 2020

·     Includes Mega Site at Saginaw & Hemphill

·     Hot Dog Lunch – August 14th, 2020

·     Classic Car Lot – August 15th, 2020

·     Concert – August 14th, 2020

·     In lieu of live event, a Back to the Bricks special presentation will air on ABC12 Aug 14th 

·     Opening Ceremony – August 15th, 2020




·      Tune Up Week: Tune Up parties are changing slightly to “Drive-Thru” events. August 3rd – 8th Back to the Bricks will set up in various cities and offer a Drive-Thru feel for all participants. Cruisers will enjoy cruising through the various towns, with the first 250 cruisers each night getting the FREE Back to the Bricks collectors’ shirt and Back to the Bricks magazine handed out through the window of their vehicle. Long-term parking will NOT be allowed on the streets in any city.


·      Drive In: This year, instead of a movie presentation, the event will be a “Drive-Thru at the Drive-In”. Event will be offered to cruisers only. The first 1,500 cruisers will receive a Back to the Bricks magazine and our “unique” 2020 placard. These will be handed out, through the window, as you pass the D.J. located at the front of the Concession Stand. The US-23 management will have the concession stand, for take-out purchases, through walk-up windows. Please follow all requirements set for social distancing. There will be designated, short-term parking for concession purchases only. This event will be at US-23 Drive-In on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm, or until the magazines are gone. Long-term parking will NOT be allowed on the premises.


·      Main Event: This year, Back to the Bricks will not be held in downtown Flint. We are putting the safety and concern of all Back to the Bricks participants, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, and spectators before anything else. Although the situation we are in today could change by August 15th , and possibly be safe for people to meet, we believe it’s in the best interest of all, to slim down this year’s events and offer a unique experience, an alternative to the main event. There will be a Drive-Thru event on August 15th, but location and details are still in discussions. 





Greetings to you all,


We understand that many of our friends of Back to the Bricks will be disappointed in the changes we have had to make to our events. For the cities, there will be a huge economic impact of not hosting our normal events, and it saddens us. However, we are working hard to continue events in a safe manor which follows the guidelines set forth by the state and CDC. These are unprecedented times, and it's making us stronger working together to keep us all safe. We know that 2021 will be bigger than ever!


Steve Hobson

Chairman of the Board









Hey all,


We are getting pretty excited about our next Back to the Bricks® Road Rally. The first one was amazing! So many cars filled with smiling faces. This next Road Rally will take you farther, and through even more of Michigan's picturesque small cities and towns. We are working quickly on the final details so we can launch this asap. YOU will be the first to hear about it as a newsletter subscriber, so stay tuned.


Don't forget we are working on adding more merchandise to our online store, click here to see more.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.


Amber Taylor, CTA

Executive Director



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