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radiator cap 1936 Pierce Arrow


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This is what's available:  Stant "Evrseal" (that's how they spell it) cap no. R-1, unpressurized.  I believe other aftermarket manufacturers also used the R-1 part number.  This should also fit 1934 Pierces, the same as 1935; 1934 was the first year Pierce put the filler under the hood.  Probably the OEM equipment was like the 1934-35 Buick 50-60-90 cap which was not quite so squared out but had a helpful "finger" handle pointing down at about 45 degrees (no photo available).  Sorry, this one is not available, but I'm sure there are a few on fleabay.


FYI, no one to my knowledge has ever found a parts catalog for 1936-38 Pierces, and previous catalogs from 1931 forward lack the line drawings used in catalogs through 1930.

R-1 rad cap 1935-38 P-A et al.jpg

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The correct cap has a thumb tab to tighten and loosed it. Not much room under there, and trust me, the tab cap works 300 percent better than the modern style. If you need an original, I probably knows someone who has one.

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