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1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible - MI - Not Mine - 7/12 Reduced & Relisted***$9,900*** 7/14 Ad Deleted

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For Sale on Craigslist  1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible in Dearborn Heights, Michigan  -  $16,000  -  CALL Mark 313.739.9933


                                                                                               On 6/10, Seller reduced price to $13,000


                                                                                                On 6/15, Seller reduced price to $12,000


                                                                                               On 7/13, Seller reduced price to $9,900 & Relisted (See Craigslist link below)


Link:  https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/cto/d/dearborn-heights-1969-chrysler-300/7127444102.html


Link to 7/13 Relist:  https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/cto/d/dearborn-heights-Relist/1969-chrysler-300/7157889236.html  


Seller's Description:

Very clean and very well maintained. Low mile 440 original car. Purchased in 1974 by my father who recently passed away. Car has always been garage kept. Road ready now.

NO E-MAILS. CALL Mark 313.739.9933



























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Wow.  I am almost embarrassed by the lack of collector interest in this car.  Especially with older 4 door sedans and such selling (per deleted ads updates).


Let's review. This is a distinctively styled vehicle in very good driver shape with a receptible 69K miles.  Of course we all know this is subject to inspection but a 1969 "Muscle Car" convertible in Mopar or GM, or a Mustang convertible with a big block and you are looking at $25K to $75K in this condition.


"Well, so what, it's not a muscle car".  Look at that styling.  Chrysler LED THE WAY with 1970's styling trends with the fuselage styling - cleaning up the excesses of 1967-1969, and earlier - on all makes.   Clean, and then to top it all off, you have a symmetrical hideaway headlight and flush front bumper, and similar on the rear. 


Now, you have a parchment interior which shows as new, no black here, and bucket seats!  All power accessories you can imagine.  The full size Mopar "mag" wheels, not hubcaps!   You have a bulletproof reliable and FAST 440 cid engine. 


I love the color.  Bittersweet, Burnt Sienna, or whatever Chrysler called it is a timeless and unique color.  THIS would be my pick at $10K or below of all the cars recently posted.   We all need a halo car.  We all need to cruise through fall color territory in THIS car. 


I'm on my soapbox because I can't believe it.  This car is still available. 

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Looks like it may not be the original paint as the "THREE HUNDRED" letters are missing from the quarter panels. Also....the post has been deleted from Craigslist.

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22 minutes ago, NC-car-guy said:

The link still works for me.  Use the newest link.   Definitely a LOT of car for the cash...if properly represented

I see it now, thanks.

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