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1927 Standard Front Brake Universal Joint

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Hello All,


I am going through and doing some work (king pins, bushings, and new thrust bearings) on the front axle of my 27-27, and I figured that while I was there, I would go through and check and double check all the other parts, since I was already there... nothing like a little bit of project creep eh? 😁


I am impressed with the way the front brake mechanism is designed (universal joint and a CV style adapter). The car has always stopped well, and I would like it to continue to do so. One thing I noticed is, the covers over the components to hold the grease in are really shaggy and need re-doing, see the picture below. Looking in the pictures of a parts book I have for the 114.5" WB cars, this looks to be part number 189680 - Front Brake Universal Joint Yoke Boot Assembly. I don't think these are readily available anywhere, so I thought I would ask the experts if anyone has made these before. They look to be made of a rubberized canvas material, and perhaps also have a grommet for the grease Zerk to come through.


A quick search of the internet came up with this for material: https://www.fabricwholesaledirect.com/products/waterproof-outdoor-canvas-fabric?variant=9913481603&gclid=Cj0KCQjwwr32BRD4ARIsAAJNf_2IujNm3EfvoP6OzjbYUyf1b4iRoihz5q94ygsD0hDDhgiCcXGGABsaAuIBEALw_wcB


If anyone has better material suggestions, or perhaps some patterns, mine are pretty rough but I can probably make something out of them, I would greatly appreciate it. I have a sewing machine, and I'm not afraid to give it a go.


Thanks for reading,






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